Table 5.6Summary of studies providing data on diagnostic accuracy of serum C-reactive protein (CRP) as a predictor of bacterial meningitis (as opposed to viral or aseptic meningitis; based on Gerdes 199865)

First authorYearCountryMeningitis suspected or confirmedClinical performance of CRP test evaluatedAge rangeCRP cutoff used to define bacterial meningitis (mg/litre)Number diagnosed as having bacterial meningitisNumber diagnosed as having aseptic meningitisNumber diagnosed as having tuberculous meningitisNumber diagnosed as having other diseasesSensitivity for bacterial meningitisSpecificity for bacterial meningitisSpecificity for other disease
Peltola1984FinlandConfirmedNR1 day to 9 years2010120.980.73
Clarke1983USAConfirmedYes8 days to 12 years7017180.990.99
Benjamin1984USASuspectedNo1 week to 18 years10218500.940.840.56
VaidiaaThailandConfirmedNA1 month to 14 years3240.920.82
Roine1991ChileConfirmedNR1 month to 12 years1960150.950.78
de Beer1984South AfricaConfirmedNR3 months to 15 years1003128150.900.990.90
Lembo1991USASuspectedYesMedian 6 months1010 (n=5 Hib)141360.780.770.55
Lizana1996SpainConfirmedYes1–14 years4020600.690.91
Lucht1986FranceConfirmedYes16–72 years10024310.990.93
Rizzo1987ItalyConfirmedNR17–74 years819100.940.77
Pardowski1995PolandConfirmedNR19–82 years4030300.830.99
Hausson1993SwedenSuspectedYes1 week to 60 years5060146280.880.900.89
Peltola1982FinlandConfirmedYes2 weeks to 49 years1916150.980.92

Vaidia excluded from analysis because only three participants had bacterial meningitis

Clinical performance of CRP test evaluated = prospective studies with patients recruited in clinical setting

NR=not reported

Vaidia excluded from analysis because only three participants had bacterial meningitis

From: 5, Diagnosis in secondary care

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