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Table 8Updated/Modified input parameters

Base caseLower limitUpper limitSource
Prevalence of infection in cohortprev20%0.010.3GDG consensus
Proportion of infected patients with active diseasepTB0.25%0.10.5GDG consensus
Mean number of secondary cases per primary casenSec0.401GDG consensus
Sensitivity of Interferon Gamma testsSe0.8650.7630.967Girardi et al
Specificity of Interferon Gamma testsSp0.8960.8560.936Giradi et al
Sensitivity of TSTSeTST0.990.951Girardi et al
Specificity of TSTSpTST0.6420.530.741Girardi et al
Cost of contact tracing (£ per case)2, 0584665, 470Various
Cost of outpatient care (£ per active case)7774391, 406Various
Cost of outpatient care (£ per latent case)695350777Various

From: Appendix L, Health economic model - 2011

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