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Checklist 3

Interferon-gamma release assays and TB screening in high-income countries: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Oxlade et al. 2007)
Guideline topic: TB updateQuestion no:1 contacts
Check list completed by Edward Mwarangu
Section 1: ApplicabilityYes/ Partly/ No/ Unclear/ NAComments Partly applicable
  • 1.1 Is the study population appropriate for the guideline?
YesHypothetical model
  • 1.2 Is/are the intervention(s) appropriate for the guideline?
Chest X ray
  • 1.3 Is the healthcare system in which the study was conducted sufficiently similar to the current UK NHS context?
  • 1.4 Are costs measured from the NHS and personal social services (PSS) perspective?
1.5 Are all direct health effects on individuals included?Partly
  • 1.6 Are both costs and health effects discounted at an annual rate of 3.5%?
  • 1.7 Is the value of health effects expressed in terms of quality-adjusted life years (QALYs)?
NoBased on cases detected and persons screened
  • 1.8 Are changes in health-related quality of life (HRQoL) reported directly from patients and/or carers?
  • 1.9 Is the valuation of changes in HRQoL (utilities) obtained from a representative sample of the general public?
1.10 Overall judgement: Directly applicable/Partially applicable/Not applicable There is no need to use section 2 of the checklist if the study is considered ‘not applicable’.
Not Applicable
Other comments
Markov modelling was used to compare the expected TB cases and costs over 20 years following screening for TB with different strategies among hypothetical cohorts of foreign-born entrants to Canada, or contacts of TB cases. Sequential screening with TST then QFT was more cost effective than QFT alone in all scenarios and more cost-effective than TST alone in selected subgroups.

From: Appendix L, Health economic model - 2011

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