Table 17Graft occlusion rates with omega-3 fatty acids/fish oils and α-tocopherol—Clinical outcomes

Occlusion SubtypeDrugs and SupplementsRR (95% CI)
Internal mammary artery graft occlusion
Warfarin+ omega-3 fatty acids+ α-tocopherol1.25 (0.70, 2.23)
Aspirin+ omega-3 fatty acids+ α-tocopherol1.03 (0.50, 2.14)
Vein graft occlusion, distal anastomosis
Warfarin+ omega-3 fatty acids+ α-tocopherol0.84 (0.66, 1.07)
Aspirin+ omega-3 fatty acids+ α-tocopherol0.83 (0.65, 1.06)
Patients with > 1 occluded vein graft
Warfarin+ omega-3 fatty acids+ α-tocopherol0.79 (0.62, 1.01)
Aspirin+ omega-3 fatty acids+ α-tocopherol0.89 (0.69, 1.15)

Abbreviations: CI = confidence interval; RR = relative risk.

From: Results

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