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Table 35Summary of study characteristics—Key Question 3

Study CharacteristicDistribution
Sample CHD riskLow 17.5%
Moderate to moderately high 1.8%
High 22.8%
Mixed 25.3%
Unclear 32.6%
Geographical regionNorth America 19.3%
Europe 28.1%
Australia/New Zealand 5.3%
East Asia 4.3%
Rest of Asia 5.3%
NR/Other 37.8%
SettingPrimary care/community 36.1%
Specialty care 24.6%
NR 39.4%
DurationMean 21 weeks, range 1 day to 10 years
Total N randomizedMean, 775.2, range 8 to 19,934, total across studies = 23,474
AgeMean age 55 years
GenderTen trials exclusively in males,44,52,59,61,64,65,67,68,71,98 and two in females.39,100 Of the mixed gender studies, 77% included females representing less than 40% of study sample.
Race/EthnicitySeventeen studies reported race/ethnicity distribution.
Eight included a majority of Caucasians.36,37,3941,49,65,74
Two studies included all Asians,57,68 and two majority Hispanics.55,95

From: Results

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