Table 27Summary and strength of evidence for cardiovascular drugs with or without G. biloba—Intermediate outcomes

Cardiovascular Drug/OutcomeRisk of BiasConsistencyDirectnessPrecisionGradeConclusion Treatment Effect
Antiplatelet drugs
Bleeding Time (min)67,68Moderate----Inconclusive
Pooled 0.52 (95% CI −0.34, 1.38)
Blood Pressure – Systolic and DiastolicModerateNAIndirect (surrogate)NAInsufficientInconclusive
Lipid Profile (LDL-C, HDL-C, TG)65ModerateNAIndirect (surrogate)NAInsufficientInconclusive
AUC of INR (versus warfarin alone)ModerateNAIndirect (surrogate)ImpreciseInsufficientInconclusive
MD−3.00 (95% CI −62.00, 56.00)
GMR 0.93 (90% CI 0.81, 1.05)
AUC of INR (versus warfarin plus ginger)ModerateNAIndirect (surrogate)ImpreciseInsufficientInconclusive
MD −4.00 (95% CI −62.84, 54.84)
Bleeding Time (min)67Moderate----Inconclusive
MD 1.02 (95% CI 0.10, 1.94)
Blood pressure - SystolicModerateNAIndirect (surrogate)NAInsufficientInconclusive

Abbreviations: AUC of INR = area under the curve of the International Normalized Ratio; CI = confidence interval; GMR = geometric mean ratio; HDL-C = high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; LDL-C = low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; MD = mean difference; NA = not applicable; TG = triglycerides.

From: Results

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