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Dietary Supplements in Adults Taking Cardiovascular Drugs [Internet]

Dietary Supplements in Adults Taking Cardiovascular Drugs [Internet]

Comparative Effectiveness Reviews - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US)

Version: April 2012

Executive Summary

The American Heart Association estimates that more than 81 million American adults (one-third of all adults) have at least one form of cardiovascular disease (CVD). CVD is broadly defined to include all the disorders of the arterial system, including the heart and coronary arteries, the arterial supply to the brain, and the peripheral arterial system. CVD manifests typically as hypertension, angina, myocardial infarction (MI), heart failure, stroke and transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), and intermittent claudication or blockage. While there has been progress in the control of CVD, it demands huge investments from the health care system, and represents great burdens and lost opportunities for individuals, families, and society overall.


Overall, 33,224 records were identified by searches of databases after removing all duplicates. The PRISMA diagram in Figure 2 depicts the flow of retrieved records through the phases of screening and inclusion.

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