Economic profileVenlafaxine XL versus diazepam

Study & countryLimitationsApplicabilityOther commentsIncremental cost (£)1Incremental effectICER (£/effect)1Uncertainty1
Guest et al., 2004
Potentially serious limitations2Partially applicable3
  • Measure of outcome: percentage of people with successful treatment defined as CGI score of 1 at 6 months
  • Time horizon: 6 months
£5610.8% extra successfully treated people£516/successfully treated personVenlafaxine XL dominates − £2,203/successfully treated person
Probabilistic analysis: venlafaxine XL dominated diazepam in at least 25% of iterations

Costs uplifted to 2009 UK pounds using the UK HCHS inflation index.


Efficacy data derived selectively from one RCT; resource use estimated based on expert opinion; limited sensitivity analysis; funded by industry


UK/NHS perspective; no QALYs estimated but outcome measure considered relevant; utility scores for GAD are still scarce and of low quality

From: Appendix 18, GRADE evidence profiles

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