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Figure D is a PRISMA diagram illustrating the review of articles for this systematic review. 5,181 records were identified in the initial database search and screened; an additional 1,235 records were identified in an August 2011 search update (total 6,416 records screened). Of these, 5,203 were excluded. 1,234 unique, full-text articles were reviewed and 21 additional records were identified through other sources. 983 full-text articles were excluded and 251 articles were included in the final report.

Figure DPRISMA diagram of articles included in the systematic review

DiseaseTotal INCLTotal EXCL(Hand Searched INCL)(Hand Searched EXCL)Totals (Total INCL & Total EXCL)
Autoimmune Disease3029300323
Embryonal Tumors12542466
Glial Tumors389021128
Wilm's Tumor20170037

ESFT = Ewing sarcoma family of tumors; GCT = germ cell tumor; IMD = inherited metabolic diseases; PRISMA = Preferred Reporting Items of Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses

From: Executive Summary

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