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Stable Angina: Methods, Evidence & Guidance [Internet]

Stable Angina: Methods, Evidence & Guidance [Internet]

NICE Clinical Guidelines - National Clinical Guidelines Centre (UK)

Version: July 2011

Functional and anatomical investigations

NICE Clinical Guideline ‘Chest pain of recent onset’ emphasizes the importance of clinical assessment in establishing a diagnosis in people with chest pain. When the diagnosis is uncertain functional tests for the demonstration of inducible myocardial ischaemia and anatomical tests to confirm the presence of obstructive coronary artery disease are also recommended.


This guidance was developed in accordance with the methods outlined in the NICE Guidelines Manual.

Cardiac syndrome X

Cardiac syndrome X can be defined as angina in the presence of normal coronary arteries. Diagnostic criteria may also include evidence of ischaemia. The term microvascular angina is also used as it is thought that the pathology may lie within the microvasculature. Abnormalities of endothelial function have also been described.

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