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ClinicalPenile clamps (Cunningham and C3-clamps) are more effective than no clamps in reducing urine leakage. There was no significant difference between using a U-Tex penile clamp and no clamp in urine leakage.

No studies reported outcomes for pads, pants, bedpants or penile sheaths.
Patient viewsSome designs of penile clamps (e.g. Cunningham clamp) are associated with better patient satisfaction than others (e.g. C-3 clamp)

For absorbent products, the attributes such as high absorbency with low leakage, discreteness, comfort and proper fit were considered by patients as important.

Men and women have different preference for types of products. Pads designed for women were not anatomically suitable for men.

For washable products, the privacy and practicalities of washing were concerns for men.
EconomicThe cost-effectiveness of products is uncertain.

From: 5, Conservative management for men with lower urinary tract symptoms

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