MethodsSystematic review. Literature search dates 1960 to 2005, unpublished studies were also sought.
Participants and CountryPeople with cancer or tuberculosis.
InterventionsMultidisciplinary cancer conferences (MDT meetings), specialist cancer care, high volume cancer teams.
OutcomesAny reported patient outcomes. Key components of an MDT
NotesTen studies reported the effect of MDTs (or specialist/ high volume teams) on outcomes. Only three were studies of MDTs for cancer (Birchal et al 2004; Chang et al 2001 and Gabel et al 1997), these were included in the current review in their own right.

From: Guideline chapter 1, Service Configuration

Cover of Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Malignant Disease of Unknown Primary Origin
Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Malignant Disease of Unknown Primary Origin.
NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 104.
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