Clinical settingThe test was designed to classify adenocarcinomas according to their tissue of origin
Participants and Country100 tumour samples were included for training and 75 for validation. FFPE tissue in all cases.
Study designDiagnostic study
Target conditionPrimary tumour tissue of origin. Only tumours of known primary were included.
TestsOligonucleotide microarray.
Follow upNot applicable
Commercially available assayNone
Bioinformatic strategySupport vector machine (SVM) classifier (11 possible tumour classes)
Validation methodIndependent set of 75 tumour samples.

From: Guideline chapter 2, Diagnosis

Cover of Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Malignant Disease of Unknown Primary Origin
Diagnosis and Management of Metastatic Malignant Disease of Unknown Primary Origin.
NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 104.
National Collaborating Centre for Cancer (UK).
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