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Table 10.2PR

StudyNPrimary sitePre-test probabilityProbability after positive PR testLikelihood ratioSensitivitySpecificityDiagnostic impact of positive PR test
Nash 200392Biliary17%36%2.6431%88%Neutral
Azoulay 200539Breast31%83%11.2542%96%Breast primary very likely.
Kaufman 1996328Breast39%89%12.6038%97%Breast primary very likely.
Lee 200296Breast30%50%2.3152%78%Neutral
Nash 200392Breast18%36%2.4529%88%Neutral
Perry 199768Breast22%25%1.1887%26%Neutral
Azoulay 200539Colon13%0%0.000%82%Colon primary very unlikely.
Kaufman 1996328Colon8%0%0.000%82%Colon primary very unlikely.
Nash 200392Colon15%0%0.000%82%Colon primary very unlikely.
Perry 199768Colon22%23%1.0680%25%Neutral
Kaufman 1996328Kidney14%0%0.000%81%Kidney primary very unlikely.
Nash 200392Kidney15%7%0.437%83%Neutral
Perry 199768Kidney10%8%0.7357%21%Neutral
Kaufman 1996328Lung11%0%0.000%81%Lung primary very unlikely.
Lee 200296Lung34%0%0.000%52%Lung primary very unlikely.
Perry 199768Lung40%38%0.9574%22%Neutral
Kaufman 1996328Ovary9%11%1.2621%84%Neutral
Lee 200396Ovary23%37%1.9550%74%Neutral
Kaufman 1996328Pancreas8%0%0.000%82%Pancreas primary very unlikely.
Nash 200392Pancreas16%7%0.397%83%Neutral
Kaufman 1996328Stomach12%0%0.000%81%Stomach primary very unlikely.
Nash 200392Stomach17%14%0.7913%84%Neutral

From: Guideline chapter 2, Diagnosis

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