Table 1Costs for selected drugs

Drugcost per annum (insulins assume 40 iu/day). Costs are rounded to nearest whole number
metformin 500mg x 4 a day£39
gliclazide 80mg twice daily£25
glibenclamide 5mg twice daily£36
glimepiride 2m once daily£69
soluble insulin 10 ml vial£109
isophane insulin 10 ml vial (including mixtures)£109
metformin modified release 4 x 500mg tablets/day£166
biphasic insulins cartridges£195 to £286
insulin aspart 10 ml vial£286
glargine or detemir 10 ml vial or glargine pre-filled device£379
metformin/pioglitazone 2 x850mg + 15 mg/day£410
sitagliptin 100mg daily£432
pioglitazone 45mg once daily£480
rosiglitazone 4mg twice daily£643
metformin/rosiglitazone combination£682
exenatide 10mcg twice daily£828

Source: Prescribing Support Unit/York and Humber PHO.11

Caveat: Prices of all drugs fluctuate and some of the above may be out of date.

From: 1, Introduction

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