Table I.1aModel probabilities for the immediate birth (induction of labour) strategy in women with gestational hypertension

OutcomeImmediate birthDistributionAlphaBetaSource
Probability of induction onset of labour97.00%Beta36611Koopmans et al.126
Probability of spontaneous onset of labour2.70%Beta10367Koopmans et al.126
Probability of planned caesarean section0.30%Beta1376Koopmans et al.126
Probability of vaginal birth72.70%Beta273104Koopmans et al.126
Probability of assisted vaginal birth13.30%Beta50327Koopmans et al.126
Probability of emergency caesarean section after failed induction14.00%Beta54323Koopmans et al.126
Probability of severe disease needing anticonvulsant medication6.00%Beta24353Koopmans et al.126
Probability of admission to HDU99.00%Beta3752GDG
Probability of admission to ICU1.00%Beta4373GDG
Probability of neonatal admission24.00%Beta90287Koopmans et al.126
Probability of admission to neonatal medium care18.00%Beta68309Koopmans et al.126
Probability of admission to neonatal HDU3.00%Beta12365Koopmans et al.126
Probability of admission to NICU3.00%Beta10367Koopmans et al.126
Neonatal average length of stay when admitted (days)3DeterministicKoopmans et al.126
Proportion needing oxytocin50%DeterministicGDG and Blix et al.244

HDU = high-dependency unit; ICU = intensive care unit; NICU = neonatal intensive care unit

From: Appendix I, Economic analysis of immediate birth (induction of labour) versus expectant management in women with mild to moderate gestational hypertension after 37 weeks of gestation

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