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Table 3Relevance to TRD per CER protocol by Tiers of evidence pertaining to populations involving varying proportions of treatment-resistant depression

PopulationTier 1. TRD per CER Protocol (All Patients Required to Have ≥ 2 Treatment Failures)Tier 2. All Patients Required to Have ≥ 1 Prior Treatment FailuresTier 3. Involves Those With Probable TRD (But Number of Treatment Failures not Specified)
MDD aloneAll MDD patients who failed ≥ 2 previous treatmentsAll MDD patients who failed ≥ 1 previous treatmentAll MDD patients with TRD not defined
Mixed MDD and bipolar disease, with bipolar patients constituting > 0% but ≤ 20% of the study populationMDD/bipolar mix who failed ≥ 2 previous treatmentsMDD/bipolar mix who failed ≥ 1 previous treatmentMDD/bipolar mix with TRD not defined

CER = comparative effectiveness review; MDD = major depressive disorder; TRD = treatment-resistant depression

From: Methods

Cover of Nonpharmacologic Interventions for Treatment-Resistant Depression in Adults
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