Table 48Summary study characteristics of IPT as continuation treatment (up to 6 months)

IPT as continuation treatment
IPT versus antidepressantsIPT versus TAUIPT + antidepressants versus antidepressantsIPT + antidepressants versus IPT 3 placeboIPT + placebo versus medication clinic + placebo
No. trials (total participants)1 RCT (184)1 RCT (185)1 RCT (35)1 RCT (43)1 RCT (50)
Study IDs(1) Schulberg1996(1) Schulberg1996(1) de Mello2001(1) Reynolds1999(1) Reynolds1999
N/% female(1) 229/83(1) 229/83(1) 28/80(1) 80/75(1) 80/75
Mean age(1) 38(1) 38(1) 35(1) 70(1) 70
Diagnosis(1) 100% MDD(1) 100% MDD(1) 100% dysthymia(1) 100% MDD(1) 100% MDD
Comparator(1) Nortriptyline (190–270 mg/day)(1) TAU(1) Moclobemide (150–300 mg/day)(1) Nortriptyline(1) Placebo
Length of treatment(1) 4 months(1) 4 months(1) 6 months(1) 16 weeks(1) 16 weeks
Follow-up(1) 4 months(1) 4 months(1) 5 months(1) Not reported(1) Not reported


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