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Dr Murray BruntConsultant Clinical Oncologist, University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust
Dr Helen BurrellConsultant Radiologist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
Dr Susan ClossLead Consultant in Palliative Medicine/Network Chair in Palliative Care (South West Wales Cancer Network), Swansea NHS Trust
Mrs Debbie CollinsMacmillan Radiotherapy Specialist, Kent Oncology Centre
Dr Dermott DavisonGP, County Antrim, Northern Ireland3
Dr Chris GaffneyConsultant Clinical Oncologist, Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff4
Mrs Kathleen JenkinsRetired Clinical Nurse Specialist
Mrs Mary MilneNurse Consultant, The Parapet Breast Unit5
Mrs Susan RaettigPatient/carer member, Chair, Hull and East Riding Cancer Patient Involvement Group
Miss Jane RankinLead Cancer Physiotherapist, Belfast City Hospital
Mrs Claire RyanLead Research Nurse Oncology Clinical Trials, Kent Oncology Research Centre6
Mr John WinstanleyConsultant Surgeon, Royal Bolton Hospital7
Mrs Netta WoolesPatient/carer member
Miss Anna WoodPatient/carer member, Head of Policy and Campaigns, Breast Cancer Care8

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From: Appendix 6, People and organisations involved in production of the guideline

Cover of Advanced Breast Cancer
Advanced Breast Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment.
NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 81.
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