Table 4Features of the metabolic syndrome suggesting high arterial risk in people with Type 1 diabetes

Blood pressure average (mmHg)>135/80>135/80
Waist circumference (m) (use 0.10m lower figures for people of South Asian extraction)>0.90>1.00
Serum HDL cholesterol (mmol/l)<1.2<1.0
Serum triglycerides (mmol/l)>1.8>1.8

Raised albumin exrection rate is not included because in Type 1 diabetes it is a marker of developing nephropathy and nephropathy alone is associated with extreme risk of ischaemic heart disease.

Glucose intolerance cannot be assessed in adults with Type 1 diabetes, but higher insulin doses in adults >20 years (>1.0 U/kg/day) suggest insulin insensitivity.

From: 8, Arterial risk control

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