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Authors: Groutz A;Samandarov A;Gold R;Pauzner D;Lessing JB;Gordon D;. Title: Role of urethrocystoscopy in the evaluation of refractory idiopathic detrusor instability. Journal Name: Urology. Year: 2001 OctUrethroscopy and ultrasound of the urinary tract done in an exploratory study in women refractory to 6 months antimuscarinic treatment. Such 'routine' use does not reflect UK clinical practice. Nothing in the study indicated that cystoscopy was necessary.
Authors: Sokol ER, Patel SR, Sung VW et al. Title: Results of urine cytology testing and cystoscopy in women with irritative voiding symptoms. Journal Name: Am J Obstet Gynecol. Year: 2005A survey of findings in women with irriative voiding symptoms, only 6% of whom had UI; does not inform the guideline in terms of the role of cystoscopy in the assessment of women with UI.

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