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Prediction/risk Factors1985-Jan 200353,1892088
De-escalation1984-June 20023550307
Observation1985-Dec 2002654070
Seclusion/restraint1985-Feb 200224,9961765
Rapid tranquillization1985-June 20031693478
Training1985-Aug 2003762274
Ethnicity1985-June 200385225
Gender1996-July 2003110030
Physical disability1996-July 20031919
Accident & emergency settings1985-July 200225,5791150
Environment1985-June 20024360178

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From: Appendix 4, Search strategy, databases searched and search logs

Cover of Violence
Violence: The Short-Term Management of Disturbed/Violent Behaviour in In-Patient Psychiatric Settings and Emergency Departments.
NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 25.
National Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Supportive Care (UK).
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