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Table E.3Costs used in the mupirocin decision tree model

Resource itemCostMinimumMaximumSourceNotes
Real-time PCR swab£5.18£7.45£19.40GDGTraditional culture nasal swab, 24–48 hours, full cost plus overheads
Time to take swab£2.55£1.28£3.83Ritchie (2007)232Costs associated with taking patient samples:
  • staff nurse (grades D–G) spending approximately 5 minutes
  • providing information to patient, taking two swab samples
  • completing related administration such as labelling samples and sending them to the lab
1 hour of nurse time£22.00£16.50£27.50Curtis (2006)233Nurse, day ward, cost per hour including qualifications
Nurse time – mupirocin (application only)£9.17Ritchie (2007)232Assuming 5 minutes per application for 5 days
Mupirocin£5.80£2.90£8.70BNF 54107Bactroban® Nasal (GSK) 3 g 0.2% mupirocin per patient
Bed day due to SSI£307£230£383Coello (2005)4
SSI treatment per patient£3,486£2,168£5,235Coello (2005)4Assuming 11.37 (minimum 9.43 days, maximum 13.66 days) additional hospital days to treat SSI

BNF = British National Formulary; PCR = polymerase chain reaction

From: Appendix E, Cost-effectiveness of mupirocin nasal ointment to prevent surgical site infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus

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