Robinson2006UKPrimary Care
1 yearRCT with three armsIBS -clinician diagnosisSelf help book OR self help book plus group sessionUsual careGlobal impression scores, resource use, HRQofL*
Kennedy2006UKPrimary Care
N=334 (149 randomised)
1 yearRCT with two armsIBS of moderate or greater severity following 2 weeks of GP care and 4 weeks of mebeverineCognitive behavioural therapy + mebeverineMebeverine aloneSymptom severity score, service costs and social costs
Creed2003UKSecondary and Tertiary Care
15 monthsRCT with three armsSevere IBS (Rome I, > 6 months duration, failure respond to usual care for >3 months, severe painPsychotherapy OR ParoxetineUsual careVAS abdominal pain, days with pain, change in symptoms, HRQofL, direct health care and non-health care costs.
Christie2002UK perspective (Modelling study based on RCT in France and Scotland)RCT in secondary care
N=115 in RCT
RCT: 1 month controlled with further 2 months follow-up. Model: 3monthsModelling study based on RCT with two arms.Idiopathic constipation for >3months. 37% elderly recruited from institutionsLow dose PEG+ELactuloseNHS costs. Prob of successful treatment

From: Appendix C, Characteristics of included studies

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Adults: Diagnosis and Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Primary Care [Internet].
NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 61.
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