Table 7Ten year incremental cost effectiveness ratios (antibiotics versus no antibiotics)

Excluding estimated costs and potential benefits of future antibiotic prophylaxis. (Base case)

Antibiotic strategyCosts per personQALYs per personIncremental cost effectiveness ratio (versus no antibiotics)
No antibiotic£6737.53409NA
Oral amoxicillin (strategy 1)£6747.53410£204,167
Oral clindamycin (strategy 2)£6797.53410£1,276,523
IV amoxicillin then oral amoxicillin (strategy 3)£6757.53410£415,498
Oral amoxicillin before and after (strategy 4)£6757.53410£416,454
IV amoxicillin, IV gent then oral amoxicillin (strategy 5a)£8597.53410£41,562,056
IV amoxicillin, IV gent then oral amoxicillin (strategy 5b)£6797.53410£1,399,481
IV vanco and IV gent (strategy 6)£7017.53410£6,367,687
IV teicoplanin and IV gent (strategy 7)£7317.53410£12,897,453
IV clindamycin (strategy 8)£6877.53410£3,104,478

From: 6.6 Appendix 6, De novo economic analysis

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