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TABLE AQuality assessment of systematic reviews for pressure sores

Was an adequate search strategy used?Were the inclusion criteria appropriate and applied in an unbiased way?Was a quality assessment of included studies undertaken?Were the characteristics and results of the individual studies appropriately summarised?Were data pooling methods appropriate?Were sources of heterogeneity explored?Total score/6
Bradley 1999[check][check][check][check][check][check]6
Bradley 1999[check][check][check][check][check][check]6
Cullum 2001[check][check][check][check][check][check]6
Evans 2001[check][check][check][check][check][check]6
Flemming 2000[check][check][check][check][check][check]6
Flemming 2000a[check][check][check][check][check][check]6
Flemming 2001[check][check][check][check][check][check]6
Langer 2003[check][check][check][check][check][check]6
O’meara 2001[check][check][check][check][check][check]6

Yes = [check], No = ✘ = not clear

From: Appendix C, Quality assessment A – I

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