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Antenatal Care: Routine Care for the Healthy Pregnant Woman

Antenatal Care: Routine Care for the Healthy Pregnant Woman

NICE Clinical Guidelines - National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health (UK)

Version: March 2008

Screening for infections

Asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB) is defined as persistent bacterial colonisation of the urinary tract without urinary tract symptoms. Its incidence has been quoted as being 2–10% in studies conducted in the USA, with the higher incidence among women of lower socio-economic status. Studies in the UK have shown that it occurs in 2–5% of pregnant women. [EL = 3]

Evidence tables

[All other abbreviations will be found in the list of abbreviations on page ix]

Lifestyle considerations

Many common physiological, psychosocial and emotional changes occur during pregnancy. Many of these changes may be due to the normal hormonal changes that are taking place in a pregnant woman’s body or due to worries associated with pregnancy, such as concerns about the birth or the baby’s wellbeing. The Pegnancy Book has a chapter on feelings and relationships in pregnancy as well as a chapter on feelings that the father of the child may be encountering.

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