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Table 6.4Ultrasound compared with MCUG for detecting VUR

StudyTest detailsDefinition of positive resultReference standard; definition of positive resultUnit of analysisSensitivitySpecificityLR+LR−
Baronciani (1986)143StandardPresence of VUR; dilation or hydronephrosisMCUG; presence of VURPatients61.9%92.5%8.20.41
Evans (1999)143StandardPresence of VUR (change in pelvic diameter)MCUG; presence of VURRenal units10.5%89.4%1.01.0
Foresman (2001)143DuplexAny abnormalityMCUG; presence of VURPatients49.0%52.2%1.00.98
Mage (1989)143StandardNot statedMCUG; presence of VURPatients53.7%93.8%8.70.49
Mahant (2002)143StandardPresence of VUR (dilation)MCUG; presence of VURPatients40.0%76.4%1.70.79
Morin (1999)143StandardRenal change indicative of APNMCUG; presence of VURPatients90.9%14.6%1.10.62
Muensterer (2002)143StandardAbnormal kidney size or dilationMCUG; presence of VUR ≥ Grade IIIRenal units91.3%67.5%2.80.15
Presence of VUR (dilation)MCUG; presence of VURRenal units50.7%76.0%2.10.65
Abnormal kidney sizeMCUG; presence of VURRenal units29.0%91.2%3.30.78
Abnormal kidney sizeMCUG; presence of VUR ≥ Grade IIIRenal units47.8%89.8%4.70.58
Presence of VUR (dilation)MCUG; presence of VUR ≥ Grade IIIRenal units78.3%74.7%3.00.31
StandardPresence of VUR (at least mild dilatation)MCUG; presence of VURPatients56.8%80.6%2.90.54
Tan (1988)143StandardNot statedMCUG; presence of VURPatients17.6%84.2%1.10.98
Trave (1997)143StandardNot statedMCUG; presence of VURRenal units17.6%87.1%1.40.95
Verber (1988)143StandardPresence of VUR or renal parenchymal defectsMCUG (Hypaqure); presence of VURRenal units28.6%73.5%1.10.97
Zamir (2004)244StandardPresence of VURMCUG; presence of VURPatients16.0%88.0%1.30.95

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