Evidence Table 27Observational studies in patients with major depressive disorder

Author, year
Study designTime period covered
Data source
Sample sizePopulation characteristicsEfficacy/effectiveness outcomesHarmsCommentsFunder
Barbee 2004Retrospective chart reviewTime period covered: NR
Data source: Charts from a fee-for-service psychiatric outpatient clinic
76 medication trials in 49 patientsPatients treated with 1+ doses of olanzapine, risperidone, quetiapine, or ziprasidone as augmentation for treatment-resistant, nonpsychotic MDD after being treated with an established antidepressant medication regimen for a minimum of 6 weeks

% Male: 30.6
Mean treatment duration (w):
Olanzapine: 19.59 ± 21.66 (range 1–92 w)
Risperidone: 35.86 ± 32.08 (range 4–94 w)
Quetiapine: 17.94 ± 21.94 (range 2–74 w)
Ziprasidone: 9.40 ± 10.97 (range 1–28 w)
Withdrawals (%) due to weight gain:
Olanzapine: 43
Risperidone: 0
Quetiapine: 10
Ziprasidone: 14
Does not report all-cause discontinuations and did not analyze between-drug differences in duration of treatmentEli Lilly and Co.
Seo 2009Prospective cohort studyTime period covered: 2002–2006
Data source: patients admitted to a psychiatric inpatient unit for the treatment of MDD at two university hospitals in Seoul and Daejeon, Korea
AAP group: n=100
Non-AAP group: n=172
Patients with MDD who were treated with only one antidepressant during the admission period (non-AAP group) or were treated with augmentation with an APP for >2 weeks (AAP group)

Sex (% male): 22
Mean age (y ± SD): 51.9±16.5
Duration of illness (y ± SD): 7.4±8.2
NRComparisons of weight changes in subjects of the AAP group using different combination therapies:
n (%)/Change in weight (kg ± SD)/Statistics*/P-value
SSRIs + olanzapine: 25 (25.0)/4.21±1.90/21.934/<0.001**
SSRIs + quetiapine: 15 (15.0)/2.89±1.40/0.002/0.962
SSRIs + risperidone: 11 (11.0)/2.40±2.38/2.356/0.128
Mirtazapine + olanzapine: 10 (10.0)/2.44±1.26/1.734/0.191
Mirtazapine + quetiapine: 9 (8.3)/1.99±1.46/5.242/0.024**
Venlafaxine + quetiapine: 8 (8.0)/3.16±1.81/0.017/0.896
Venlafaxine + olanzapine: 16 (16.0)/-/-/-
*ANCOVA was performed with duration of AAP prescription and duration of illness as covariates. P-value was derived from t-statistic based on the change in weight according to each type medications versus all others combined
Korea Health 21 R&D Project, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs, Republic of Korea

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