Treatment: Topical calcineurin inhibitors

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540Simon D. Title: Benefits from the use of a pimecrolimus-based treatment in the management of atopic dermatitis in clinical practice. Analysis of a Swiss cohort. 2006Children and adults in study. Data not rep separately for children.
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545Title: Safe treatment of head/neck AD with tacrolimus ointment Authors: Kang S; Paller A; Soter N; Satoi Y; Rico MJ; Hanifin JM; Journal: Journal of Dermatological Treatment Year: 2003 JunIn this report data from two studies (one in adults, 1 in children) are pooled. We have included the study in children already544 therefore this pooled analysis does not provide further information.
545Title: Tacrolimus ointment is more effective than pimecrolimus cream with a similar safety profile in the treatment of atopic dermatitis: results from 3 randomized, comparative studies Authors: Paller AS; Lebwohl M; Fleischer AB; Antaya R; Langley RG; Kirsner RS; Blum RR; Rico MJ; Jaracz E; Crowe A; Linowski GJ; US/Canada Tacrolimus Ointment Study Group.; Journal: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Year: 2005 MayIn this report data from three studies (one in adults, two in children) are pooled to provide one summary statistic for all ages for each outcome. The source of the original trial data is not referenced.
546Title: Effect of pimecrolimus cream 1% on the long-term course of pediatric atopic dermatitis Authors: Papp K; Staab D; Harper J; Potter P; Puig L; Ortonne JP; Molloy S; Barbier N; Paul C; Multicentre Investigator Study Group.; Journal: International Journal of Dermatology Year: 2004 DecThis report is a pooled analysis of RCTs already considered in the guideline (Wahn 2002547 and Kapp 2002548). No new data are presented in this report therefore it is excluded.
549Title: Treatment of infants with atopic eczema with pimecrolimus cream 1% improves parents’ quality of life: a multicenter, randomized trial Authors: Staab D; Kaufmann R; Brautigam M; Wahn U; Journal: Pediatric allergy and immunology: official publication of the European Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Year: 2005 SepThis RCT is only published as an abstract.
550Title: A multicenter trial of the efficacy and safety of 0.03% tacrolimus ointment for atopic dermatitis in Korea Authors: Won CH; Seo PG; Park YM; Yang JM; Lee KH; Sung KJ; Park CW; Kim DW; Chang HS; Won YH; Kim KH; Journal: Journal of Dermatological Treatment Year: 2004 JanThis study includes 180 adults and children age 2–57 years, treated with tacrolimus for 4 weeks. The mean age is 19 years, and the proportion of children aged under 12 years is not stated, and no results are presented for this age group.
Title: Efficacy and safety of tacrolimus ointment monotherapy in chinese children with atopic dermatitis Authors: Yeung CK; Ma KC; Chan HH; Journal: Skinmed Year: 2006 JanSmall case series evaluating 4 weeks’ use of tacrolimus ointment - we have evidence of higher level for this product, used for longer durations.
Title: Safety and tolerability of 1% pimecrolimus cream among infants: experience with 1133 patients treated for up to 2 years. [56 refs] Authors: Paul C; Cork M; Rossi AB; Papp KA; Barbier N; De PY; Journal: Pediatrics Year: 2006 JanNarrative review - used to check references.

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