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TABLE 9.1Characteristics of the eligible studies of preoperative lung function tests

First author and year of publicationCountryStudy sample (age)Type of surgeryAbnormal testChange in clinical managementPostoperative complications
Brady 2000109USA820 (60 to 80 years)Vascular[check][check]
Chandra 1998110USA22 (14 to 52 years)Cardiac[check]
Kuwano 1998111India178 (not stated)Oncology[check][check]
Barisione 1997112Italy361 (25 to 91 years)Laparotomy[check][check]
Castro 1996113USA362 (not stated)Liver transplant[check]
Durand 1994114France114 (53 to 75 years)Vascular[check][check]
Durand 1993115France149 (58 to 60 years)Cardiac[check][check]
Poe 1988116USA209 (20 to 70 years)Cholecystectomy[check][check]
Kim 1987117Korea78 (not stated)Abdominal surgery[check][check]
Crapo 1986118USA114 (29 to 46 years)Gastrointestinal[check][check]

From: Appendix 1, Results of a Systematic Review of the Literature for Routine Preoperative Testing

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