Ralston, 2005 Quality rating: Fair


Study design RCT DB

  • Run-in: NA
  • Setting: Hospital
  • Country: USA

Sample: # Screened/Eligible/Enrolled #Withdrawn/Lost to follow-up/Analyzed

833/306/154 14/0/140

Inclusion criteria: Patients 6–18 years; history of asthma of any severity; demonstrated ability to use a peak flow meter and with a PEF of <80% on presentation to ED

Exclusion criteria: Known sensitivity to study meds; previous study enrollment; impending or actual respiratory arrestor treatment or treatment with Levalbuterol or Ipratropium bromide within the 6 h of study enrollment



Duration: 1 treatment



Effectiveness Outcomes:


Symptoms: NR

Change in treatment regimen for the exacerbation: NR

Healthcare utilization:


Admission rate: admission rate : 1.4% for study population; 2 study patients admitted 1 (RAC/IB) to PICU and 1(LEV) to ED

Mortality: NR

Other Effectiveness Outcomes and Comments:

Adverse Events and Comments:

No serious AEs reported

From: Evidence Tables

Cover of Drug Class Review: Quick-relief Medications for Asthma
Drug Class Review: Quick-relief Medications for Asthma: Final Report Update 1 [Internet].
Norris SL, McNally TK, Thakurta S.
Portland (OR): Oregon Health & Science University; 2008 Oct.
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