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Table 3Included systematic reviews

Author, YearExposureOUTCOMESTypes of Studies Reviewed
Alzheimer’s DiseaseCognitive Decline
I) Nutrition/Dietary
Fotuhi et al., 200929Omega 3YesYesRCTs and observational (cohort)
Issa et al., 200630Omega 3YesYesObservational (cohort)
Lim et al., 200631Omega 3YesNoRCTs
Balk et al., 200632Vitamin B and berriesYesYesRCTs and observational (cohort) in human, animal, & in vitro
II) Medical
McGuiness et al., 200933StatinsNoYesRCTs
McGuiness et al., 200634AntihypertensivesYesYesRCTs
Szekely et al., 200435Anti-inflammatoryYesNoObservational
Grimley Evans et al., 200636Gonadal steroidsNoYesRCTs
Lethaby et al., 200837Gonadal steroidsNoYesRCTs
LeBlanc et al., 200138Gonadal steroidsYesYesObservational (case-controlled and cohort)
Nickelsen et al., 199939Gonadal steroidsNoYesRCTs
Anstey et al., 200840HypercholesterolemiaYesYesObservational (prospective cohort)
Biessels et al., 200641Diabetes mellitusYesNoObservational
Lu et al., 200942Diabetes mellitusYesYesObservational
Cukierman et al., 200543Diabetes mellitusNoYesObservational
Raschetti et al., 200744CholinesteraseYesYesRCTs
Ownby et al., 200645DepressionYesNoObservational (cohort)
Fleminger et al., 200346Traumatic brain injuryYesNoObservational (case-controlled)
Beydoun et al., 200847ObesityYesNoObservational (cohort)
III) Social/Economic/Behavioral
Angevaren et al., 200848Physical activityNoYesRCTs
Caamano-Isoma et al., 200649EducationYesNoObservational
Anstey et al., 200750TobaccoYesYesObservational (prospective cohort)
Anstey et al., 200951AlcoholYesYesObservational
IV) Environmental
Santibanez et al., 200752Toxic exposuresYesNoObservational (case-controlled & cohort)
V) Genetics
Bertram et al., 200753Genetic factorsYesNoGene association

Abbreviations: RCTs = randomized controlled trials

From: 3, Results

Cover of Preventing Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Decline
Preventing Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Decline.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 193.
Williams JW, Plassman BL, Burke J, et al.

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