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3.9Recreational drug use and male fertility

StudyPopulationOutcomesResultsCommentsStudy typeEL
Knuth et al. 198917282 men: 41 taking anabolic steroids;

41 not taking any drugs
Sperm parameters: concentration, motility, morphologyAnabolic steroids use: % of subjects with sperm counts below normal

Anabolic steroids: 24/41 (59%)
Non-use: 5/41 (12%)

Significant reduction in sperm motility and sperm impairment with anabolic steroid use
Other outcomes includedCH2b
Torres-Calleja et al. 200117330 body builders: 15 taking anabolic steroids;
15 not taking anabolic steroids
Sperm parameters: concentration, morphologyAnabolic steroid use: significant reduction in sperm count and normal morphologySmall sample size

Other outcomes included:
Bracken et al. 1990171Men attending infertility clinic: 189 cases; 283 controlsSperm parametersCocaine use:

Low sperm count if used in last 2 years: OR 2.1 (CI 1.0 to 4.6)
Low sperm motility if used for > 5 years: OR 2.0 (CI 1.0 to 4.1)

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