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Table F-2Quality assessment on 8 Out of 14 QUADAS questions for each included study

STUDY IDQ1: SpectrumQ2. Selection criteriaQ5. Reference standard?Q8. Details of index test describedQ10. Index test interpreted without knowledge of RSQ12. Same clinical data availableQ13. Uninterpretable test results reportedQ14. Withdrawals explainedTOTAL (“YES”)
Jaffe 1996301yesnonoyesyesyesNono4
Netto 1993302yesnonoyesyesyesNono4
Citron 1996303noyesyesyesyesnoNono4
Hatzichristou 2002304yesyesnoyesyesyesNono5
Martinez-Jabaloyas 2006305yesnonoyesyesyesnono4
Acar 2004306unclearnonoyesyesyesnono3
Earle 2003307yesnonoyesyesyesnono4
Rhoden 2002308noyesnoyesyesnonono3
Bunch 2002309yesyesunclearyesyesyesnono5
Fahmy 1999310yesnonoyesyesyesnono4
Buvat 1997 311yesnonoyesyesyesnono4
Akpunonu 1994312unclearyesyesyesunclearyesnoyes5
Drinka 1993313noyesnoyesyesyesnoyes5
Johnson 1992314yesnonoyesyesyesnono4
El-Sakka 2005315noyesnoyesyesyesNono4
Tsujimura 2005316yesyesnoyesyesyesNono5
Guay 1991317noyesnoyesyesnoNono3
Forsberg 1990318yesyesnoyesyesyesNono5
Reyes-Vallejo 2006319noyesnoyesyesnoNono3
El-Sakka 2006320noyesnoyesyesyesNono4
Hwang 2007321yesnonoyesyesyesNono4
Low 2006322yesyesnoyesyesyesNono5
Guay 2007323unclearnononoyesyesNono2
Zohdy 2007324unclearyesyesyesunclearyesNono4

From: Appendix F. Quality Assessment

Cover of Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 171.
Tsertsvadze A, Yazdi F, Fink HA, et al.

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