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Evidence Table C4. Quality Ratings, Studies of Diagnostic Test Accuracy

Study, YearAppropriate spectrum of patientsAdequate sample size (>500)Credible reference standard usedReference standard applied to all patientsScreening test adequately describedReference standard interpreted independentlyQuality score
Ariyasu et al, 199674
Sensitivity, specificity, and predictive values of screening tests for eye conditions in a clinic-based population
Can't tellNoYesCan't tellYesNoPoor-Fair
Eekhof et al, 200075
Screening for hearing and visual loss among elderly with questionnaires and tests: which method is the most convincing for action?
Can't tellYesYesYesYesCan't tellFair
Hiller et al, 198376
Validity of a survey question as a measure of visual acuity impairment
YesYesYesCan't tellYesCan't tellFair
Ivers et al, 200177
Sensitivity and specificity of tests to detect eye disease in an older population
Can't tellYesYesCan't tellYesCan't tellPoor-Fair
McMurdo et al, 198878
The detection of visual disability in the elderly
Can't tellNoYesYesYesYesFair
Teh et al, 200679
Utility of a patient-response screening question for visual impairment
Can't tellNoYesCan't tellYesCan't tellPoor-Fair
Wang et al, 199880
Evaluation of screening schemes for eye disease in a primary care setting
Can't tellNoYesNoYesCan't tellPoor
Woods et al, 199881
Screening for ophthalmic disease in older subjects using visual acuity and contrast sensitivity
Can't tellYesYesNoYesCan't tellPoor-Fair

From: Appendix C. Evidence Tables

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