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Table 34Risperidone vs. Zotepine (Acute treatment)

Outcome or SubgroupkTotal NStatistical MethodEffect [95% CI]
12.1 Mental state: 1. BPRS endpoint score (high = poor)140MD (IV, Fixed, 95% CI)1.30 [−10.35, 12.95]
12.2 Leaving the study early: 1. Any reason00RR (M-H, Fixed, 95% CI)Not estimable
12.3 AE: 1. Neurologic side effects - needing additional anticholinergic medication (short-term)1135RR (M-H, Fixed, 95% CI)0.35 [0.15, 0.82]
12.4 AE: 1. Neurologic side effects - parkinsonism (Simpson-Angus Scale endpoint, high = poor)140MD (IV, Fixed, 95% CI)2.50 [−0.05, 5.05]

From: 10, Clinical evidence summary tables

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