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Uncertainty about the efficacy of hydergine in dementia

Hydergine has been used to treat patients with either dementia, or 'age‐related' cognitive symptoms. Hydergine may offer benefit to some patients, possibly at doses of 4.5 to 9.0 mg per day, with possibly greater benefit to younger subjects and inpatients. The statistical evidence for efficacy in 'possible or probable Alzheimer's disease' patients was so modest however that one additional statistically non‐significant trial would have reduced the results to non significance; evidence for efficacy in vascular dementia rested on relatively stronger effects for hydergine on clinical ratings; and effective doses may be higher than 3 mg/d (i.e., than that currently approved in the USA). Despite its availability for 40 years, the circumstances of hydergine's efficacy in dementia syndromes have not been adequately researched, and have yet to be precisely defined.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Plain Language Summaries [Internet] - John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Version: 2009

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