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Brain atrophy and white-matter hyperintensities are not significantly associated with incidence and severity of postoperative delirium in older persons without dementia.

Cavallari M, Hshieh TT, Guttmann CR, Ngo LH, Meier DS, Schmitt EM, Marcantonio ER, Jones RN, Kosar CM, Fong TG, Press D, Inouye SK, Alsop DC; SAGES Study Group.

Neurobiol Aging. 2015 Feb 28. pii: S0197-4580(15)00155-4. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2015.02.024. [Epub ahead of print]


Gingival crevicular fluid proteomes in health, gingivitis and chronic periodontitis.

Huynh AH, Veith PD, McGregor NR, Adams GG, Chen D, Reynolds EC, Ngo LH, Darby IB.

J Periodontal Res. 2014 Nov 29. doi: 10.1111/jre.12244. [Epub ahead of print]


3D-CAM: derivation and validation of a 3-minute diagnostic interview for CAM-defined delirium: a cross-sectional diagnostic test study.

Marcantonio ER, Ngo LH, O'Connor M, Jones RN, Crane PK, Metzger ED, Inouye SK.

Ann Intern Med. 2014 Oct 21;161(8):554-61. doi: 10.7326/M14-0865. Erratum in: Ann Intern Med. 2014 Nov 18;161(10):764.


Older women's experience with a benign breast biopsy—a mixed methods study.

Schonberg MA, Silliman RA, Ngo LH, Birdwell RL, Fein-Zachary V, Donato J, Marcantonio ER.

J Gen Intern Med. 2014 Dec;29(12):1631-40. doi: 10.1007/s11606-014-2981-z. Epub 2014 Aug 20.


Accuracy, precision, and reproducibility of four T1 mapping sequences: a head-to-head comparison of MOLLI, ShMOLLI, SASHA, and SAPPHIRE.

Roujol S, Weingärtner S, Foppa M, Chow K, Kawaji K, Ngo LH, Kellman P, Manning WJ, Thompson RB, Nezafat R.

Radiology. 2014 Sep;272(3):683-9. doi: 10.1148/radiol.14140296. Epub 2014 Apr 4.


Honorary authorship in radiologic research articles: do geographic factors influence the frequency?

Eisenberg RL, Ngo LH, Bankier AA.

Radiology. 2014 May;271(2):472-8. doi: 10.1148/radiol.13131710. Epub 2013 Nov 27.


Opioid utilization and opioid-related adverse events in nonsurgical patients in US hospitals.

Herzig SJ, Rothberg MB, Cheung M, Ngo LH, Marcantonio ER.

J Hosp Med. 2014 Feb;9(2):73-81. doi: 10.1002/jhm.2102. Epub 2013 Nov 13.


Virucidal effect of acidic electrolyzed water and neutral electrolyzed water on avian influenza viruses.

Tamaki S, Bui VN, Ngo LH, Ogawa H, Imai K.

Arch Virol. 2014 Mar;159(3):405-12. doi: 10.1007/s00705-013-1840-2. Epub 2013 Sep 12.


Free-breathing phase contrast MRI with near 100% respiratory navigator efficiency using k-space-dependent respiratory gating.

Akçakaya M, Gulaka P, Basha TA, Ngo LH, Manning WJ, Nezafat R.

Magn Reson Med. 2014 Jun;71(6):2172-9. doi: 10.1002/mrm.24874. Epub 2013 Jul 30.


Selecting optimal screening items for delirium: an application of item response theory.

Yang FM, Jones RN, Inouye SK, Tommet D, Crane PK, Rudolph JL, Ngo LH, Marcantonio ER.

BMC Med Res Methodol. 2013 Jan 22;13:8. doi: 10.1186/1471-2288-13-8.


Risk factors for nosocomial gastrointestinal bleeding and use of acid-suppressive medication in non-critically ill patients.

Herzig SJ, Rothberg MB, Feinbloom DB, Howell MD, Ho KK, Ngo LH, Marcantonio ER.

J Gen Intern Med. 2013 May;28(5):683-90. doi: 10.1007/s11606-012-2296-x. Epub 2013 Jan 5. Erratum in: J Gen Intern Med. 2013 Jul;28(7):978.


Surveillance and characterization of avian influenza viruses from migratory water birds in eastern Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan, 2009-2010.

Abao LN, Jamsransuren D, Bui VN, Ngo LH, Trinh DQ, Yamaguchi E, Vijaykrishna D, Runstadler J, Ogawa H, Imai K.

Virus Genes. 2013 Apr;46(2):323-9. doi: 10.1007/s11262-012-0868-9. Epub 2012 Dec 21.


Free-breathing 3D cardiac MRI using iterative image-based respiratory motion correction.

Moghari MH, Roujol S, Chan RH, Hong SN, Bello N, Henningsson M, Ngo LH, Goddu B, Goepfert L, Kissinger KV, Manning WJ, Nezafat R.

Magn Reson Med. 2013 Oct;70(4):1005-15. doi: 10.1002/mrm.24538. Epub 2012 Nov 6.


H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus isolated from conjunctiva of a whooper swan with neurological signs.

Bui VN, Ogawa H, Ngo LH, Baatartsogt T, Abao LN, Tamaki S, Saito K, Watanabe Y, Runstadler J, Imai K.

Arch Virol. 2013 Feb;158(2):451-5. doi: 10.1007/s00705-012-1502-9. Epub 2012 Oct 10.


Mass spectrometric analysis of gingival crevicular fluid biomarkers can predict periodontal disease progression.

Ngo LH, Darby IB, Veith PD, Locke AG, Reynolds EC.

J Periodontal Res. 2013 Jun;48(3):331-41. doi: 10.1111/jre.12012. Epub 2012 Oct 11.


Active learning for clinical text classification: is it better than random sampling?

Figueroa RL, Zeng-Treitler Q, Ngo LH, Goryachev S, Wiechmann EP.

J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2012 Sep-Oct;19(5):809-16. doi: 10.1136/amiajnl-2011-000648. Epub 2012 Jun 15.


Complications in postacute care are associated with persistent delirium.

Anderson CP, Ngo LH, Marcantonio ER.

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2012 Jun;60(6):1122-7. doi: 10.1111/j.1532-5415.2012.03958.x. Epub 2012 May 30.


Predicting sample size required for classification performance.

Figueroa RL, Zeng-Treitler Q, Kandula S, Ngo LH.

BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. 2012 Feb 15;12:8. doi: 10.1186/1472-6947-12-8.


H4N8 subtype avian influenza virus isolated from shorebirds contains a unique PB1 gene and causes severe respiratory disease in mice.

Bui VN, Ogawa H, Xininigen, Karibe K, Matsuo K, Awad SS, Minoungou GL, Yoden S, Haneda H, Ngo LH, Tamaki S, Yamamoto Y, Nakamura K, Saito K, Watanabe Y, Runstadler J, Huettmann F, Happ GM, Imai K.

Virology. 2012 Feb 5;423(1):77-88. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2011.11.019. Epub 2011 Dec 20. Erratum in: Virology. 2012 Apr 25;426(1):83-5. Huettman, Falk [corrected to Huettmann, Falk].

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