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mTOR: Alzheimer's disease prevention for APOE4 carriers.

Lin AL, Butterfield DA, Richardson A.

Oncotarget. 2016 Jun 30. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.10349. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


(1)H-MRS metabolites in adults with Down syndrome: Effects of dementia.

Lin AL, Powell D, Caban-Holt A, Jicha G, Robertson W, Gold BT, Davis R, Abner E, Wilcock DM, Schmitt FA, Head E.

Neuroimage Clin. 2016 Jun 2;11:728-35. doi: 10.1016/j.nicl.2016.06.001. eCollection 2016.


Is there a role for early chemotherapy in the management of pituitary adenomas?

Lin AL, Sum MW, DeAngelis LM.

Neuro Oncol. 2016 Apr 21. pii: now059. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


Impact of Single or Repeated Dose Intranasal Zinc-free Insulin in Young and Aged F344 Rats on Cognition, Signaling, and Brain Metabolism.

Anderson KL, Frazier HN, Maimaiti S, Bakshi VV, Majeed ZR, Brewer LD, Porter NM, Lin AL, Thibault O.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2016 Apr 10. pii: glw065. [Epub ahead of print]



Lin AL, Burnham JM, Pang V, Idowu O, Iyer S.

Retin Cases Brief Rep. 2016 Feb 1. [Epub ahead of print]


Risk factors and global cognitive status related to brain arteriolosclerosis in elderly individuals.

Ighodaro ET, Abner EL, Fardo DW, Lin AL, Katsumata Y, Schmitt FA, Kryscio RJ, Jicha GA, Neltner JH, Monsell SE, Kukull WA, Moser DK, Appiah F, Bachstetter AD, Van Eldik LJ; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), Nelson PT.

J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2016 Jan 6. pii: 0271678X15621574. [Epub ahead of print]


Rapamycin rescues vascular, metabolic and learning deficits in apolipoprotein E4 transgenic mice with pre-symptomatic Alzheimer's disease.

Lin AL, Jahrling JB, Zhang W, DeRosa N, Bakshi V, Romero P, Galvan V, Richardson A.

J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2015 Dec 31. pii: 0271678X15621575. [Epub ahead of print]


Neurologic Emergencies in the Patients With Cancer: Diagnosis and Management.

Lin AL, Avila EK.

J Intensive Care Med. 2015 Dec 23. pii: 0885066615619582. [Epub ahead of print]


Association of polymorphism in ICAM-1 (K469E) and cytology parameters in patients' initial blood test with acute ischemic stroke.

Wang D, Zhang FH, Zhao YT, Xiao XG, Liu S, Shi HB, Lin AL, Wang YJ, Han Q, Sun QM.

Genet Mol Res. 2015 Dec 2;14(4):15520-9. doi: 10.4238/2015.December.1.2.


Early Shifts of Brain Metabolism by Caloric Restriction Preserve White Matter Integrity and Long-Term Memory in Aging Mice.

Guo J, Bakshi V, Lin AL.

Front Aging Neurosci. 2015 Nov 13;7:213. doi: 10.3389/fnagi.2015.00213. eCollection 2015.


Determinants of the Final Size and Case Rate of Nosocomial Outbreaks.

Hurford A, Lin AL, Wu J.

PLoS One. 2015 Sep 15;10(9):e0138216. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0138216. eCollection 2015.


Microwave & Magnetic (M2) Proteomics of a Mouse Model of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

Evans TM, Van Remmen H, Purkar A, Mahesula S, Gelfond JA, Sabia M, Qi W, Lin AL, Jaramillo CA, Haskins WE.

Transl Proteom. 2014 Jun 1;3:10-21.


Tunable room-temperature ferromagnet using an iron-oxide and graphene oxide nanocomposite.

Lin AL, Rodrigues JN, Su C, Milletari M, Loh KP, Wu T, Chen W, Neto AH, Adam S, Wee AT.

Sci Rep. 2015 Jun 23;5:11430. doi: 10.1038/srep11430.


[Non-covalent albumin conjugates of silicon (IV) phthalocyanines axially substituted with nucleoside: preparation and in vitro photodynamic activities].

Yang XM, Zheng BY, Cai Y, Lin AL, Shen XM, Zhang HH, Huang JD.

Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi. 2015 Feb;35(2):457-61. Chinese.


Caloric restriction increases ketone bodies metabolism and preserves blood flow in aging brain.

Lin AL, Zhang W, Gao X, Watts L.

Neurobiol Aging. 2015 Jul;36(7):2296-303. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2015.03.012. Epub 2015 Mar 25.


Secretion of salivary statherin is compromised in uncontrolled diabetic patients.

Izumi M, Zhang BX, Dean DD, Lin AL, Saunders MJ, Hazuda HP, Yeh CK.

BBA Clin. 2015 Jun 1;3:135-140.


Changes in Mitochondrial Morphology and Bioenergetics in Human Lymphoblastoid Cells With Four Novel OPA1 Mutations.

Kao SH, Yen MY, Wang AG, Yeh YL, Lin AL.

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2015 Apr;56(4):2269-78. doi: 10.1167/iovs.14-16288.


The phenotype of spontaneous preterm birth: application of a clinical phenotyping tool.

Manuck TA, Esplin MS, Biggio J, Bukowski R, Parry S, Zhang H, Huang H, Varner MW, Andrews W, Saade G, Sadovsky Y, Reddy UM, Ilekis J; Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Genomics and Proteomics Network for Preterm Birth Research.

Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2015 Apr;212(4):487.e1-487.e11. doi: 10.1016/j.ajog.2015.02.010. Epub 2015 Feb 14.


Resting-state regional cerebral blood flow during adolescence: associations with initiation of substance use and prediction of future use disorders.

Ramage AE, Lin AL, Olvera RL, Fox PT, Williamson DE.

Drug Alcohol Depend. 2015 Apr 1;149:40-8. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2015.01.012. Epub 2015 Jan 20.


Silk fibroin scaffolds promote formation of the ex vivo niche for salivary gland epithelial cell growth, matrix formation, and retention of differentiated function.

Zhang BX, Zhang ZL, Lin AL, Wang H, Pilia M, Ong JL, Dean DD, Chen XD, Yeh CK.

Tissue Eng Part A. 2015 May;21(9-10):1611-20. doi: 10.1089/ten.TEA.2014.0411. Epub 2015 Mar 9.

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