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Response to Letter Regarding Article, "Sleep Fragmentation, Cerebral Arteriolosclerosis, and Brain Infarct Pathology in Community-Dwelling Older People".

Lim AS, Bennett DA, Buchman AS.

Stroke. 2016 Apr 26. pii: STROKEAHA.116.013342. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Concordance of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) gene rearrangements between circulating tumor cells and tumor in non-small cell lung cancer.

Tan CL, Lim TH, Lim TK, Tan DS, Chua YW, Ang MK, Pang B, Lim CT, Takano A, Lim AS, Leong MC, Lim WT.

Oncotarget. 2016 Mar 16. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.8136. [Epub ahead of print]


Sleep Fragmentation, Cerebral Arteriolosclerosis, and Brain Infarct Pathology in Community-Dwelling Older People.

Lim AS, Yu L, Schneider JA, Bennett DA, Buchman AS.

Stroke. 2016 Feb;47(2):516-8. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.115.011608. Epub 2016 Jan 14.


Common variants in DRD2 are associated with sleep duration: the CARe consortium.

Cade BE, Gottlieb DJ, Lauderdale DS, Bennett DA, Buchman AS, Buxbaum SG, De Jager PL, Evans DS, Fülöp T, Gharib SA, Johnson WC, Kim H, Larkin EK, Lee SK, Lim AS, Punjabi NM, Shin C, Stone KL, Tranah GJ, Weng J, Yaffe K, Zee PC, Patel SR, Zhu X, Redline S, Saxena R.

Hum Mol Genet. 2016 Jan 1;25(1):167-79. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddv434. Epub 2015 Oct 13.


Regional Neocortical Gray Matter Structure and Sleep Fragmentation in Older Adults.

Lim AS, Fleischman DA, Dawe RJ, Yu L, Arfanakis K, Buchman AS, Bennett DA.

Sleep. 2016 Jan 1;39(1):227-35. doi: 10.5665/sleep.5354.


The effect of melatonin on sleep and quality of life in patients with advanced breast cancer.

Innominato PF, Lim AS, Palesh O, Clemons M, Trudeau M, Eisen A, Wang C, Kiss A, Pritchard KI, Bjarnason GA.

Support Care Cancer. 2016 Mar;24(3):1097-105. doi: 10.1007/s00520-015-2883-6. Epub 2015 Aug 11.


Irregular 24-hour activity rhythms and the metabolic syndrome in older adults.

Sohail S, Yu L, Bennett DA, Buchman AS, Lim AS.

Chronobiol Int. 2015;32(6):802-13. doi: 10.3109/07420528.2015.1041597. Epub 2015 Jun 10.


Suprachiasmatic neuron numbers and rest-activity circadian rhythms in older humans.

Wang JL, Lim AS, Chiang WY, Hsieh WH, Lo MT, Schneider JA, Buchman AS, Bennett DA, Hu K, Saper CB.

Ann Neurol. 2015 Aug;78(2):317-22. doi: 10.1002/ana.24432. Epub 2015 Jun 18.


Characterization and therapeutic evaluation of a Nestin⁺ CNP⁺ NG2⁺ cell population on mouse spinal cord injury.

Liu R, Zhang S, Yang H, Ju P, Xia Y, Shi Y, Lim TH, Lim AS, Liang F, Feng Z.

Exp Neurol. 2015 Jul;269:28-42. doi: 10.1016/j.expneurol.2015.03.030. Epub 2015 Apr 7.


Amplification of 1q21 and other abnormalities in multiple myeloma patients from a tertiary hospital in singapore.

Lim AS, Krishnan S, Lim TH, See K, Ng YJ, Tan YM, Choo N, Lau LC, Tien SL, Ma J, Tan D.

Indian J Hematol Blood Transfus. 2014 Dec;30(4):253-8. doi: 10.1007/s12288-013-0294-8. Epub 2013 Sep 4.


24-hour rhythms of DNA methylation and their relation with rhythms of RNA expression in the human dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

Lim AS, Srivastava GP, Yu L, Chibnik LB, Xu J, Buchman AS, Schneider JA, Myers AJ, Bennett DA, De Jager PL.

PLoS Genet. 2014 Nov 6;10(11):e1004792. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1004792. eCollection 2014 Nov.


Sleep is related to neuron numbers in the ventrolateral preoptic/intermediate nucleus in older adults with and without Alzheimer's disease.

Lim AS, Ellison BA, Wang JL, Yu L, Schneider JA, Buchman AS, Bennett DA, Saper CB.

Brain. 2014 Oct;137(Pt 10):2847-61. doi: 10.1093/brain/awu222. Epub 2014 Aug 20.


Clinical validation of an ultra high-throughput spiral microfluidics for the detection and enrichment of viable circulating tumor cells.

Khoo BL, Warkiani ME, Tan DS, Bhagat AA, Irwin D, Lau DP, Lim AS, Lim KH, Krisna SS, Lim WT, Yap YS, Lee SC, Soo RA, Han J, Lim CT.

PLoS One. 2014 Jul 7;9(7):e99409. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099409. eCollection 2014. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2014;9(10):e111296.


The modified Pirogoff's amputation in treating diabetic foot infections: surgical technique and case series.

Nather A, Wong KL, Lim AS, Zhaowen Ng D, Hey HW.

Diabet Foot Ankle. 2014 Apr 3;5. doi: 10.3402/dfa.v5.23354. eCollection 2014.


Multidisciplinary Approach to Management of Maternal Asthma (MAMMA): a randomized controlled trial.

Lim AS, Stewart K, Abramson MJ, Walker SP, Smith CL, George J.

Chest. 2014 May;145(5):1046-54. doi: 10.1378/chest.13-2276.


Genetics and morphology characterize the dinoflagellate Symbiodinium voratum, n. sp., (Dinophyceae) as the sole representative of Symbiodinium Clade E.

Jeong HJ, Lee SY, Kang NS, Yoo YD, Lim AS, Lee MJ, Kim HS, Yih W, Yamashita H, LaJeunesse TC.

J Eukaryot Microbiol. 2014 Jan-Feb;61(1):75-94. doi: 10.1111/jeu.12088. Epub 2013 Nov 30.


Gymnodinium smaydae n. sp., a new planktonic phototrophic dinoflagellate from the coastal waters of Western Korea: morphology and molecular characterization.

Kang NS, Jeong HJ, Moestrup Ø, Lee SY, Lim AS, Jang TY, Lee KH, Lee MJ, Jang SH, Potvin E, Lee SK, Noh JH.

J Eukaryot Microbiol. 2014 Mar-Apr;61(2):182-203. doi: 10.1111/jeu.12098. Epub 2014 Feb 25.


Modification of the relationship of the apolipoprotein E ε4 allele to the risk of Alzheimer disease and neurofibrillary tangle density by sleep.

Lim AS, Yu L, Kowgier M, Schneider JA, Buchman AS, Bennett DA.

JAMA Neurol. 2013 Dec;70(12):1544-51. doi: 10.1001/jamaneurol.2013.4215.

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