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The alpha-galactosidase A p.Arg118Cys variant does not cause a Fabry disease phenotype: data from individual patients and family studies.

Ferreira S, Ortiz A, Germain DP, Viana-Baptista M, Caldeira-Gomes A, Camprecios M, Fenollar-Cortés M, Gallegos-Villalobos Á, Garcia D, García-Robles JA, Egido J, Gutiérrez-Rivas E, Herrero JA, Mas S, Oancea R, Péres P, Salazar-Martín LM, Solera-Garcia J, Alves H, Garman SC, Oliveira JP.

Mol Genet Metab. 2015 Feb;114(2):248-58. doi: 10.1016/j.ymgme.2014.11.004. Epub 2014 Nov 9.


Utility of real-time three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography in evaluating the success of percutaneous transcatheter closure of mitral paravalvular leaks.

García-Fernández MA, Cortés M, García-Robles JA, Gomez de Diego JJ, Perez-David E, García E.

J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2010 Jan;23(1):26-32. doi: 10.1016/j.echo.2009.09.028. Epub 2009 Nov 13.


Etiology and short-term prognosis of severe mitral regurgitation.

Martínez-Sellés M, García-Fernández MA, Larios E, Moreno M, Pinto A, García-Robles JA, Pérez-David E, Fernández-Avilés F.

Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2009 Feb;25(2):121-6. doi: 10.1007/s10554-008-9363-8. Epub 2008 Sep 6.


Successful transcatheter closure of a postmyocardial infarction ventricular septal rupture in a patient rejected for cardiac surgery: usefulness of transesophageal echocardiography.

Perez-David E, Garcia Fernandez MA, García E, Gomez de Diego JJ, García Robles JA, Fernandez-Aviles F.

J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2007 Dec;20(12):1417.e9-12. Epub 2007 Aug 3.


Isolated noncompaction of the ventricular myocardium: infrequent because of missed diagnosis?

Perez-David E, Garcia-Fernandez MA, Gómez-Anta I, de Diego JJ, García-Robles JA, Lafuente J.

J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2007 Apr;20(4):439.e1-4.


[Influence of gender on the etiology of mitral regurgitation].

Martínez-Sellés M, García-Fernández MA, Moreno M, Larios E, García-Robles JA, Pinto A.

Rev Esp Cardiol. 2006 Dec;59(12):1335-8. Spanish.


[Cardiac complications of non-cardiac surgery: initial approaches in the general low-risk population in Spain].

García Robles JA.

Rev Esp Cardiol. 2006 Apr;59(4):305-8. Review. Spanish. No abstract available.


Editing of the grapevine mitochondrial cytochrome b mRNA and molecular modeling of the protein.

Islas-Osuna MA, Silva-Moreno B, Caceres-Carrizosa N, García-Robles JM, Sotelo-Mundo RR, Yepiz-Plascencia GM.

Biochimie. 2006 May;88(5):431-5. Epub 2005 Oct 27.


Heart failure in the elderly: age-related differences in clinical profile and mortality.

Martínez-Sellés M, García Robles JA, Prieto L, Domínguez Muñoa M, Frades E.

Int J Cardiol. 2005 Jun 22;102(1):55-60.


[Female incontinence: urodynamic evaluation].

Bergera Zudaire JJ, García Robles JE, Saiz Sansi A, Rioja Zuazu J, Regojo Balboa JM, Fernández Montero JM, López Ferrándiz J, Rosell Costa D, Berián Polo M.

Rev Med Univ Navarra. 2004 Oct-Dec;48(4):32-6. Review. Spanish.


[Ventricular resynchronization: an emergent therapy].

Muñoz Aguilera R, Serrano Sánchez JA, Pascual Hernández D, García Robles JA.

Rev Esp Cardiol. 2004 Apr;57(4):279-82. Spanish. No abstract available.


Pharmacological treatment in patients with heart failure: patients knowledge and occurrence of polypharmacy, alternative medicine and immunizations.

Martínez-Sellés M, García Robles JA, Muñoz R, Serrano JA, Frades E, Domínguez Muñoa M, Almendral J.

Eur J Heart Fail. 2004 Mar 1;6(2):219-26.


Systolic dysfunction is a predictor of long term mortality in men but not in women with heart failure.

Martínez-Sellés M, García Robles JA, Prieto L, Domínguez Muñoa M, Frades E, Díaz-Castro O, Almendral J.

Eur Heart J. 2003 Nov;24(22):2046-53.


[Risk stratification using combined ECG, clinical, and biochemical assessment in patients with chest pain without ST-segment elevation. How long should we wait? ].

Fernández Portales J, Pérez Reyes F, García Robles JA, Jiménez Candil J, Pérez David E, Rey Blas JR, Pérez de Isla L, Díaz Castro O, Almendral J.

Rev Esp Cardiol. 2003 Apr;56(4):338-45. Spanish.


Annual rates of admission and seasonal variations in hospitalizations for heart failure.

Martínez-Sellés M, García Robles JA, Prieto L, Serrano JA, Muñoz R, Frades E, Almendral J.

Eur J Heart Fail. 2002 Dec;4(6):779-86.


[Utility of the serum biochemical markers CPK, CPK MB mass, myoglobin, and cardiac troponin T in a chest pain unit. Which marker determinations should be requested and when?].

Fernández Portales J, García Robles JA, Jiménez Candil J, Pérez David E, Rey Blas JR, Pérez De Isla L, Díaz Castro O, Almendral J.

Rev Esp Cardiol. 2002 Sep;55(9):913-20. Spanish.


[Hospitalized congestive heart failure patients with preserved versus abnormal left ventricular systolic function].

Martínez-Sellés M, García Robles JA, Prieto L, Frades E, Muñoz R, Díaz Castro O, Almendral J.

Rev Esp Cardiol. 2002 Jun;55(6):579-86. Spanish.


Dipyridamole-Tc-99m-tetrofosmin SPECT imaging can identify provokable ischemia in heart transplantation.

Vegazo O, Muñoz Aguilera R, Madariaga MP, García Robles JA, Almoguera Arias I, Pérez Vázquez JM.

J Nucl Cardiol. 1999 Jul-Aug;6(4):472-3. No abstract available.


[Reliability of digital coronary quantification in a hemodynamic laboratory. Comparison with a film-based system].

Serrano Sánchez JA, García Robles JA, García Fernández EJ, Delcán Domínguez JL.

Rev Esp Cardiol. 1999 Jul;52(7):493-502. Spanish.


Mechanism and location of atrial flutter in transplanted hearts: observations during transient entrainment from distant sites.

Arenal A, Almendral J, Muñoz R, Villacastín J, Merino JL, Palomo J, García Robles JA, Peinado R, Delcán JL.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 1997 Aug;30(2):539-46.

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