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Metabolic correction: a functional biochemical mechanism against disease--Part 2: mechanisms and benefits.

Miranda-Massari JR, González MJ, Duconge J, Allende-Vigo MZ, Jiménez-Ramírez FJ, Hickey S, Vázquez A, Berdiel MJ, Cintrón K, Rodríguez-Gómez JR.

P R Health Sci J. 2015 Mar;34(1):9-13.


Metabolic correction: a functional biochemical mechanism against disease--Part 1: concept and historical background.

González MJ, Miranda-Massari JR, Duconge J, Allende-Vigo MZ, Jiménez-Ramírez FJ, Cintrón K, Rodríguez-Gómez JR, Rosario G, Ricart C, Santiago-Cornier JA, Zaragoza-Urdaz R, Vázquez A, Hickey S, Jabbar-Berdiel M, Riordan N, Ichim T, Santiago O, Alvarado G, Vora P.

P R Health Sci J. 2015 Mar;34(1):3-8.


High Dose Intraveneous Vitamin C and Chikungunya Fever: A Case Report.

Gonzalez MJ, Miranda-Massari JR, Berdiel MJ, Duconge J, Rodríguez-López JL, Hunninghake R, Cobas-Rosario VJ.

J Orthomol Med. 2014;29(4):154-156.


Pharmacokinetics of Rac inhibitor EHop-016 in mice by ultra-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.

Humphries-Bickley T, Castillo-Pichardo L, Corujo-Carro F, Duconge J, Hernandez-O'Farrill E, Vlaar C, Rodriguez-Orengo JF, Cubano L, Dharmawardhane S.

J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. 2015 Feb 15;981-982:19-26. doi: 10.1016/j.jchromb.2014.12.021. Epub 2015 Jan 2.


Pharmacogenetics of drug-metabolizing enzymes in US Hispanics.

Claudio-Campos K, Duconge J, Cadilla CL, Ruaño G.

Drug Metabol Personal Ther. 2014 Nov 28. pii: /j/dmdi.ahead-of-print/dmdi-2014-0023/dmdi-2014-0023.xml. doi: 10.1515/dmdi-2014-0023. [Epub ahead of print]


Pharmacogenetic association study of warfarin safety endpoints in Puerto Ricans.

Valentín II, Rivera G, Nieves-Plaza M, Cruz I, Renta JY, Cadilla CL, Feliu JF, Seip RL, Ruaño G, Duconge J.

P R Health Sci J. 2014 Sep;33(3):97-104.


Frequencies of Functional Polymorphisms in Three Pharmacokinetic Genes of Clinical Interest within the Admixed Puerto Rican Population.

Orengo-Mercado C, Nieves B, López L, Vallés-Ortiz N, Renta JY, Santiago-Borrero PJ, Cadilla CL, Duconge J.

J Pharmacogenomics Pharmacoproteomics. 2013 Mar 27;4(113). pii: 1000113.


Development of a pharmacogenetic-guided warfarin dosing algorithm for Puerto Rican patients.

Ramos AS, Seip RL, Rivera-Miranda G, Felici-Giovanini ME, Garcia-Berdecia R, Alejandro-Cowan Y, Kocherla M, Cruz I, Feliu JF, Cadilla CL, Renta JY, Gorowski K, Vergara C, Ruaño G, Duconge J.

Pharmacogenomics. 2012 Dec;13(16):1937-50. doi: 10.2217/pgs.12.171.


'Generic to genetic' transition in cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric drugs: opportunity for personalized medicine.

Duconge J, Ruaño G.

Pharmacogenomics. 2012 Jul;13(10):1097-100. doi: 10.2217/pgs.12.75. No abstract available.


The bio-energetic theory of carcinogenesis.

Gonzalez MJ, Miranda Massari JR, Duconge J, Riordan NH, Ichim T, Quintero-Del-Rio AI, Ortiz N.

Med Hypotheses. 2012 Oct;79(4):433-9. doi: 10.1016/j.mehy.2012.06.015. Epub 2012 Jul 17.


Preparation of hollow magnetite microspheres and their applications as drugs carriers.

Márquez F, Herrera GM, Campo T, Cotto M, Ducongé J, Sanz JM, Elizalde E, Perales O, Morant C.

Nanoscale Res Lett. 2012 Apr 10;7(1):210. doi: 10.1186/1556-276X-7-210.


Prediction of warfarin dose reductions in Puerto Rican patients, based on combinatorial CYP2C9 and VKORC1 genotypes.

Valentin II, Vazquez J, Rivera-Miranda G, Seip RL, Velez M, Kocherla M, Bogaard K, Cruz-Gonzalez I, Cadilla CL, Renta JY, Feliu JF, Ramos AS, Alejandro-Cowan Y, Gorowski K, Ruaño G, Duconge J.

Ann Pharmacother. 2012 Feb;46(2):208-18. doi: 10.1345/aph.1Q190. Epub 2012 Jan 24.


Schedule Dependence in Cancer Therapy: Intravenous Vitamin C and the Systemic Saturation Hypothesis.

Gonzalez MJ, Miranda Massari JR, Duconge J, Riordan NH, Ichim T.

J Orthomol Med. 2012 Jan 1;27(1):9-12.


Metabolic correction in the management of diabetic peripheral neuropathy: improving clinical results beyond symptom control.

Miranda-Massari JR, Gonzalez MJ, Jimenez FJ, Allende-Vigo MZ, Duconge J.

Curr Clin Pharmacol. 2011 Nov;6(4):260-73. Review.


Vitamin C and cancer: what can we conclude--1,609 patients and 33 years later: comment on the article by Cabanillas.

González MJ, Miranda-Massari JR, Duconge J.

P R Health Sci J. 2010 Dec;29(4):410-1; author reply 411-2. No abstract available.


Exposure to non-therapeutic INR in a high risk cardiovascular patient: potential hazard reduction with genotype-guided warfarin (Coumadin) dosing.

Rodríguez-Vélez R, Ortiz-Rivera OJ, Bower B, Gorowski K, Windemuth A, Villagra D, Kocherla M, Seip RL, D'Agostino D, Vergara C, Ruaño G, Duconge J.

P R Health Sci J. 2010 Dec;29(4):402-8.


The Emerging Role of Admixture in the Pharmacogenetics of Puerto Rican Hispanics.

Duconge J, Ruaño G.

J Pharmacogenomics Pharmacoproteomics. 2010 Oct 4;1(101). pii: 1000101.


CYP2C9 and VKORC1 genotypes in Puerto Ricans: A case for admixture-matching in clinical pharmacogenetic studies.

Villagra D, Duconge J, Windemuth A, Cadilla CL, Kocherla M, Gorowski K, Bogaard K, Renta JY, Cruz IA, Mirabal S, Seip RL, Ruaño G.

Clin Chim Acta. 2010 Sep 6;411(17-18):1306-11. doi: 10.1016/j.cca.2010.05.021. Epub 2010 May 19.


Implementing genotype-guided antithrombotic therapy.

Seip RL, Duconge J, Ruaño G.

Future Cardiol. 2010 May;6(3):409-24. doi: 10.2217/fca.10.6. Review.

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