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Reduction in blood transfusion in a cohort of infants having cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass after instituting a goal-directed transfusion policy.

Machovec KA, Smigla G, Ames WA, Schwimer C, Homi HM, Dhakal IB, Jaquiss RD, Lodge AJ, Jooste EH.

Perfusion. 2016 Mar 25. pii: 0267659116640866. [Epub ahead of print]


Effect of MRP2 and MRP3 Polymorphisms on Anastrozole Glucuronidation and MRP2 and MRP3 Gene Expression in Normal Liver Samples.

Edavana VK, Penney RB, Yao-Borengasser A, Starlard-Davenport A, Dhakal IB, Kadlubar S.

Int J Cancer Res Mol Mech. 2015 Oct;1(3). doi: 10.16966/2381-3318.112. Epub 2015 Sep 22.


Day of surgery cancellation rate after preoperative telephone nurse screening or comprehensive optimization visit.

Olson RP, Dhakal IB.

Perioper Med (Lond). 2015 Dec 10;4:12. doi: 10.1186/s13741-015-0022-z. eCollection 2015.


Discordance in Grading Methods of Aortic Stenosis by Pre-Cardiopulmonary Bypass Transesophageal Echocardiography.

Whitener G, McKenzie J, Akushevich I, White WD, Dhakal IB, Nicoara A, Swaminathan M.

Anesth Analg. 2016 Apr;122(4):953-8. doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000001099.


Short- and Long-Term Soy Diet Versus Casein Protects Liver Steatosis Independent of the Arginine Content.

Hakkak R, Zeng H, Dhakal IB, Korourian S.

J Med Food. 2015 Nov;18(11):1274-80. doi: 10.1089/jmf.2015.0002. Epub 2015 Jul 17.


A potential role for human UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A4 promoter single nucleotide polymorphisms in the pharmacogenomics of tamoxifen and its derivatives.

Greer AK, Dates CR, Starlard-Davenport A, Edavana VK, Bratton SM, Dhakal IB, Finel M, Kadlubar SA, Radominska-Pandya A.

Drug Metab Dispos. 2014 Sep;42(9):1392-400. doi: 10.1124/dmd.114.058016. Epub 2014 Jun 10.


Cholecystectomy, gallstones, tonsillectomy, and pancreatic cancer risk: a population-based case-control study in Minnesota.

Zhang J, Prizment AE, Dhakal IB, Anderson KE.

Br J Cancer. 2014 Apr 29;110(9):2348-53. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2014.154. Epub 2014 Mar 25.


Sulfotransferase 1A1 (SULT1A1) gene expression is regulated by members of the NFI transcription factors in human breast cancer cells.

Yao-Borengasser A, Rogers LJ, Edavana VK, Penney RB, Yu X, Dhakal IB, Williams S, Kadlubar SA.

BMC Clin Pathol. 2014 Jan 6;14(1):1. doi: 10.1186/1472-6890-14-1.


Fulvestrant up regulates UGT1A4 and MRPs through ERĪ± and c-Myb pathways: a possible primary drug disposition mechanism.

Edavana VK, Penney RB, Yao-Borengasser A, Williams S, Rogers L, Dhakal IB, Kadlubar S.

Springerplus. 2013 Nov 20;2:620. doi: 10.1186/2193-1801-2-620. eCollection 2013.


Genetic variability in energy balance and pancreatic cancer risk in a population-based case-control study in Minnesota.

Zhang J, Dhakal IB, Zhang X, Prizment AE, Anderson KE.

Pancreas. 2014 Mar;43(2):281-6. doi: 10.1097/MPA.0b013e3182a7c829.


Potential role of UGT1A4 promoter SNPs in anastrozole pharmacogenomics.

Edavana VK, Dhakal IB, Williams S, Penney R, Boysen G, Yao-Borengasser A, Kadlubar S.

Drug Metab Dispos. 2013 Apr;41(4):870-7. doi: 10.1124/dmd.112.048157. Epub 2013 Jan 31.


Sulfation of fulvestrant by human liver cytosols and recombinant SULT1A1 and SULT1E1.

Edavana VK, Yu X, Dhakal IB, Williams S, Ning B, Cook IT, Caldwell D, Falany CN, Kadlubar S.

Pharmgenomics Pers Med. 2011 Nov 16;4:137-145.


Sulfation of 4-hydroxy toremifene: individual variability, isoform specificity, and contribution to toremifene pharmacogenomics.

Edavana VK, Dhakal IB, Yu X, Williams S, Kadlubar S.

Drug Metab Dispos. 2012 Jun;40(6):1210-5. doi: 10.1124/dmd.111.044040. Epub 2012 Mar 20.


Trends in mortality from cancers of the breast, colon, prostate, esophagus, and stomach in East Asia: role of nutrition transition.

Zhang J, Dhakal IB, Zhao Z, Li L.

Eur J Cancer Prev. 2012 Sep;21(5):480-9. doi: 10.1097/CEJ.0b013e328351c732.


Induction of cell proliferation and survival genes by estradiol-repressed microRNAs in breast cancer cells.

Yu X, Zhang X, Dhakal IB, Beggs M, Kadlubar S, Luo D.

BMC Cancer. 2012 Jan 20;12:29. doi: 10.1186/1471-2407-12-29.


Sequence variants in antioxidant defense and DNA repair genes, dietary antioxidants, and pancreatic cancer risk.

Zhang J, Zhang X, Dhakal IB, Gross MD, Kadlubar FF, Anderson KE.

Int J Mol Epidemiol Genet. 2011 Aug 30;2(3):236-44. Epub 2011 Jun 5.


Effect of feeding grape pomace on selected metabolic parameters associated with high fructose feeding in growing Sprague-Dawley rats.

Khanal RC, Howard LR, Rogers TJ, Wilkes SE, Dhakal IB, Prior RL.

J Med Food. 2011 Dec;14(12):1562-9. doi: 10.1089/jmf.2010.0281. Epub 2011 Aug 23.


Functional genetic variants in the 3'-untranslated region of sulfotransferase isoform 1A1 (SULT1A1) and their effect on enzymatic activity.

Yu X, Dhakal IB, Beggs M, Edavana VK, Williams S, Zhang X, Mercer K, Ning B, Lang NP, Kadlubar FF, Kadlubar S.

Toxicol Sci. 2010 Dec;118(2):391-403. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfq296. Epub 2010 Sep 29.


Polymorphisms in inflammatory genes, plasma antioxidants, and prostate cancer risk.

Zhang J, Dhakal IB, Lang NP, Kadlubar FF.

Cancer Causes Control. 2010 Sep;21(9):1437-44. doi: 10.1007/s10552-010-9571-0. Epub 2010 Apr 30.


Polymorphisms in hOGG1 and XRCC1 and risk of prostate cancer: effects modified by plasma antioxidants.

Zhang J, Dhakal IB, Greene G, Lang NP, Kadlubar FF.

Urology. 2010 Apr;75(4):779-85. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2009.08.063. Epub 2009 Nov 14.

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