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Morphological variability in leaves and molecular characterization of novel table grape candidate cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.).

Alba V, Bergamini C, Cardone MF, Gasparro M, Perniola R, Genghi R, Antonacci D.

Mol Biotechnol. 2014 Jun;56(6):557-70. doi: 10.1007/s12033-013-9729-6. Erratum in: Mol Biotechnol. 2014 Sep;56(9):863-4.


Male infertility and copy number variants (CNVs) in the dog: a two-pronged approach using Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) and Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH).

Cassatella D, Martino NA, Valentini L, Guaricci AC, Cardone MF, Pizzi F, Dell'Aquila ME, Ventura M.

BMC Genomics. 2013 Dec 27;14:921. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-14-921.


Validation assay of p3_VvAGL11 marker in a wide range of genetic background for early selection of stenospermocarpy in Vitis vinifera L.

Bergamini C, Cardone MF, Anaclerio A, Perniola R, Pichierri A, Genghi R, Alba V, Forleo LR, Caputo AR, Montemurro C, Blanco A, Antonacci D.

Mol Biotechnol. 2013 Jul;54(3):1021-30. doi: 10.1007/s12033-013-9654-8.


Sangiovese and its offspring in southern Italy.

Gasparro M, Caputo AR, Bergamini C, Crupi P, Cardone MF, Perniola R, Antonacci D.

Mol Biotechnol. 2013 Jun;54(2):581-9. doi: 10.1007/s12033-012-9600-1.


Evolutionary history of linked D4Z4 and Beta satellite clusters at the FSHD locus (4q35).

Giussani M, Cardone MF, Bodega B, Ginelli E, Meneveri R.

Genomics. 2012 Nov;100(5):289-96. doi: 10.1016/j.ygeno.2012.07.011. Epub 2012 Jul 21.


Evidences for an alternative genealogy of 'Sangiovese'.

Bergamini C, Caputo AR, Gasparro M, Perniola R, Cardone MF, Antonacci D.

Mol Biotechnol. 2013 Mar;53(3):278-88. doi: 10.1007/s12033-012-9524-9.


Copy number variation of individual cattle genomes using next-generation sequencing.

Bickhart DM, Hou Y, Schroeder SG, Alkan C, Cardone MF, Matukumalli LK, Song J, Schnabel RD, Ventura M, Taylor JF, Garcia JF, Van Tassell CP, Sonstegard TS, Eichler EE, Liu GE.

Genome Res. 2012 Apr;22(4):778-90. doi: 10.1101/gr.133967.111. Epub 2012 Feb 2.


Real-time PCR for the detection of precise transgene copy number in durum wheat.

Gadaleta A, Giancaspro A, Cardone MF, Blanco A.

Cell Mol Biol Lett. 2011 Dec;16(4):652-68. doi: 10.2478/s11658-011-0029-5. Epub 2011 Sep 15.


Genomic characteristics of cattle copy number variations.

Hou Y, Liu GE, Bickhart DM, Cardone MF, Wang K, Kim ES, Matukumalli LK, Ventura M, Song J, VanRaden PM, Sonstegard TS, Van Tassell CP.

BMC Genomics. 2011 Feb 23;12:127. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-12-127.


Initial analysis of copy number variations in cattle selected for resistance or susceptibility to intestinal nematodes.

Liu GE, Brown T, Hebert DA, Cardone MF, Hou Y, Choudhary RK, Shaffer J, Amazu C, Connor EE, Ventura M, Gasbarre LC.

Mamm Genome. 2011 Feb;22(1-2):111-21. doi: 10.1007/s00335-010-9308-0. Epub 2010 Dec 3.


Genome-wide characterization of centromeric satellites from multiple mammalian genomes.

Alkan C, Cardone MF, Catacchio CR, Antonacci F, O'Brien SJ, Ryder OA, Purgato S, Zoli M, Della Valle G, Eichler EE, Ventura M.

Genome Res. 2011 Jan;21(1):137-45. doi: 10.1101/gr.111278.110. Epub 2010 Nov 16.


Analysis of copy number variations among diverse cattle breeds.

Liu GE, Hou Y, Zhu B, Cardone MF, Jiang L, Cellamare A, Mitra A, Alexander LJ, Coutinho LL, Dell'Aquila ME, Gasbarre LC, Lacalandra G, Li RW, Matukumalli LK, Nonneman D, Regitano LC, Smith TP, Song J, Sonstegard TS, Van Tassell CP, Ventura M, Eichler EE, McDaneld TG, Keele JW.

Genome Res. 2010 May;20(5):693-703. doi: 10.1101/gr.105403.110. Epub 2010 Mar 8.


New insights into centromere organization and evolution from the white-cheeked gibbon and marmoset.

Cellamare A, Catacchio CR, Alkan C, Giannuzzi G, Antonacci F, Cardone MF, Della Valle G, Malig M, Rocchi M, Eichler EE, Ventura M.

Mol Biol Evol. 2009 Aug;26(8):1889-900. doi: 10.1093/molbev/msp101. Epub 2009 May 8.


A burst of segmental duplications in the genome of the African great ape ancestor.

Marques-Bonet T, Kidd JM, Ventura M, Graves TA, Cheng Z, Hillier LW, Jiang Z, Baker C, Malfavon-Borja R, Fulton LA, Alkan C, Aksay G, Girirajan S, Siswara P, Chen L, Cardone MF, Navarro A, Mardis ER, Wilson RK, Eichler EE.

Nature. 2009 Feb 12;457(7231):877-81. doi: 10.1038/nature07744.


Evolutionary toggling of the MAPT 17q21.31 inversion region.

Zody MC, Jiang Z, Fung HC, Antonacci F, Hillier LW, Cardone MF, Graves TA, Kidd JM, Cheng Z, Abouelleil A, Chen L, Wallis J, Glasscock J, Wilson RK, Reily AD, Duckworth J, Ventura M, Hardy J, Warren WC, Eichler EE.

Nat Genet. 2008 Sep;40(9):1076-83. doi: 10.1038/ng.193.


A satellite-like sequence, representing a "clone gap" in the human genome, was likely involved in the seeding of a novel centromere in macaque.

Carbone L, D'addabbo P, Cardone MF, Teti MG, Misceo D, Vessere GM, de Jong PJ, Rocchi M.

Chromosoma. 2009 Apr;118(2):269-77. doi: 10.1007/s00412-008-0196-y. Epub 2008 Dec 2.


Primate chromosome evolution: ancestral karyotypes, marker order and neocentromeres.

Stanyon R, Rocchi M, Capozzi O, Roberto R, Misceo D, Ventura M, Cardone MF, Bigoni F, Archidiacono N.

Chromosome Res. 2008;16(1):17-39. doi: 10.1007/s10577-007-1209-z. Review.


Hominoid chromosomal rearrangements on 17q map to complex regions of segmental duplication.

Cardone MF, Jiang Z, D'Addabbo P, Archidiacono N, Rocchi M, Eichler EE, Ventura M.

Genome Biol. 2008;9(2):R28. doi: 10.1186/gb-2008-9-2-r28. Epub 2008 Feb 7.


Ancestral reconstruction of segmental duplications reveals punctuated cores of human genome evolution.

Jiang Z, Tang H, Ventura M, Cardone MF, Marques-Bonet T, She X, Pevzner PA, Eichler EE.

Nat Genet. 2007 Nov;39(11):1361-8. Epub 2007 Oct 7.


Characterization and evolution of the novel gene family FAM90A in primates originated by multiple duplication and rearrangement events.

Bosch N, Cáceres M, Cardone MF, Carreras A, Ballana E, Rocchi M, Armengol L, Estivill X.

Hum Mol Genet. 2007 Nov 1;16(21):2572-82. Epub 2007 Aug 7.

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