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Activation of Type I and III Interferon Response by Mitochondrial and Peroxisomal MAVS and Inhibition by Hepatitis C Virus.

Bender S, Reuter A, Eberle F, Einhorn E, Binder M, Bartenschlager R.

PLoS Pathog. 2015 Nov 20;11(11):e1005264. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005264. eCollection 2015 Nov.


Comment on "Primary Central Nervous System (CNS) Lymphoma B Cell Receptors Recognize CNS Proteins".

Spies E, Fichtner M, Müller F, Krasemann S, Illerhaus G, Glatzel M, Binder M, Trepel M.

J Immunol. 2015 Nov 15;195(10):4549-50. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1501964. No abstract available.


Die Gonokokkeninfektion in Österreich: Eine Langzeitbeobachtung der Prävalenz und Resistenzentwicklung von 1999 bis 2014.

Stary A, Heller-Vitouch C, Binder M, Geusau A, Stary G, Rappersberger K, Komericki P, Hoepfl R, Haller M.

J Dtsch Dermatol Ges. 2015 Nov;13(11):1136-46. doi: 10.1111/ddg.50_12816.


Gonococcal infections in Austria: a long-term observation of prevalence and resistance profiles from 1999 to 2014.

Stary A, Heller-Vitouch C, Binder M, Geusau A, Stary G, Rappersberger K, Komericki P, Hoepfl R, Haller M.

J Dtsch Dermatol Ges. 2015 Nov;13(11):1136-45. doi: 10.1111/ddg.12816.


Calcium intake, polymorphisms of the calcium-sensing receptor, and recurrent/aggressive prostate cancer.

Binder M, Shui IM, Wilson KM, Penney KL; PRACTICAL/ELLIPSE Consortium, Mucci LA, Kibel AS.

Cancer Causes Control. 2015 Dec;26(12):1751-9. doi: 10.1007/s10552-015-0668-3. Epub 2015 Sep 25.


DDX60L Is an Interferon-Stimulated Gene Product Restricting Hepatitis C Virus Replication in Cell Culture.

Grünvogel O, Esser-Nobis K, Reustle A, Schult P, Müller B, Metz P, Trippler M, Windisch MP, Frese M, Binder M, Fackler O, Bartenschlager R, Ruggieri A, Lohmann V.

J Virol. 2015 Oct 15;89(20):10548-68. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01297-15. Epub 2015 Aug 12.


Predictors of early response to initial therapy in patients with newly diagnosed symptomatic multiple myeloma.

Binder M, Rajkumar SV, Gertz MA, Lacy MQ, Dispenzieri A, Buadi FK, Dingli D, Hayman SR, Lust JA, Kapoor P, Lin Y, Go RS, Hwa YL, Kyle RA, Kumar SK.

Am J Hematol. 2015 Oct;90(10):888-91. doi: 10.1002/ajh.24107. Epub 2015 Sep 1.


Epidermal growth factor receptor mutation mediates cross-resistance to panitumumab and cetuximab in gastrointestinal cancer.

Braig F, März M, Schieferdecker A, Schulte A, Voigt M, Stein A, Grob T, Alawi M, Indenbirken D, Kriegs M, Engel E, Vanhoefer U, Grundhoff A, Loges S, Riecken K, Fehse B, Bokemeyer C, Binder M.

Oncotarget. 2015 May 20;6(14):12035-47.


Hospital population screening reveals overrepresentation of CD5(-) monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance of IgM type.

Voigtlaender M, Vogler B, Trepel M, Panse J, Jung R, Bokemeyer C, Bacher U, Binder M.

Ann Hematol. 2015 Sep;94(9):1559-65. doi: 10.1007/s00277-015-2409-9. Epub 2015 Jun 5.


CD229 is expressed on the surface of plasma cells carrying an aberrant phenotype and chemotherapy-resistant precursor cells in multiple myeloma.

Yousef S, Kovacsovics-Bankowski M, Salama ME, Bhardwaj N, Steinbach M, Langemo A, Kovacsovics T, Marvin J, Binder M, Panse J, Kröger N, Luetkens T, Atanackovic D.

Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2015;11(7):1606-11. doi: 10.1080/21645515.2015.1046658.


Neural correlates of audiovisual temporal processing--comparison of temporal order and simultaneity judgments.

Binder M.

Neuroscience. 2015 Aug 6;300:432-47. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2015.05.011. Epub 2015 May 14.


The role of T-cell phenotype and T-cell receptor rearrangement in the diagnosis of T-cell malignancies: author's reply.

Flammiger A, Binder M.

Leuk Lymphoma. 2015 Dec;56(12):3455. doi: 10.3109/10428194.2015.1050667. Epub 2015 Jun 19. No abstract available.


Control of temporal activation of hepatitis C virus-induced interferon response by domain 2 of nonstructural protein 5A.

Hiet MS, Bauhofer O, Zayas M, Roth H, Tanaka Y, Schirmacher P, Willemsen J, Grünvogel O, Bender S, Binder M, Lohmann V, Lotteau V, Ruggieri A, Bartenschlager R.

J Hepatol. 2015 Oct;63(4):829-37. doi: 10.1016/j.jhep.2015.04.015. Epub 2015 Apr 20.


The evolutionary conservation of the A Disintegrin-like and Metalloproteinase domain with Thrombospondin-1 motif metzincins across vertebrate species and their expression in teleost zebrafish.

Brunet FG, Fraser FW, Binder MJ, Smith AD, Kintakas C, Dancevic CM, Ward AC, McCulloch DR.

BMC Evol Biol. 2015 Feb 15;15:22. doi: 10.1186/s12862-015-0281-9.


Self-reported efficacy of cannabis and other complementary medicine modalities by Parkinson's disease patients in colorado.

Finseth TA, Hedeman JL, Brown RP 2nd, Johnson KI, Binder MS, Kluger BM.

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2015;2015:874849. doi: 10.1155/2015/874849. Epub 2015 Mar 2.


Immunomodulatory molecule PD-L1 is expressed on malignant plasma cells and myeloma-propagating pre-plasma cells in the bone marrow of multiple myeloma patients.

Yousef S, Marvin J, Steinbach M, Langemo A, Kovacsovics T, Binder M, Kröger N, Luetkens T, Atanackovic D.

Blood Cancer J. 2015 Mar 6;5:e285. doi: 10.1038/bcj.2015.7. No abstract available.


Optical coherence tomography for planning of follicular unit extraction.

Schicho K, Seemann R, Binder M, Figl M.

Dermatol Surg. 2015 Mar;41(3):358-63. doi: 10.1097/DSS.0000000000000252.


Introducing the Consolidated Species Concept to resolve species in the Teratosphaeriaceae.

Quaedvlieg W, Binder M, Groenewald JZ, Summerell BA, Carnegie AJ, Burgess TI, Crous PW.

Persoonia. 2014 Dec;33:1-40. doi: 10.3767/003158514X681981. Epub 2014 May 15.


Graded Ca²⁺/calmodulin-dependent coupling of voltage-gated CaV1.2 channels.

Dixon RE, Moreno CM, Yuan C, Opitz-Araya X, Binder MD, Navedo MF, Santana LF.

Elife. 2015 Feb 25;4. doi: 10.7554/eLife.05608.


Severe and irreversible myelopathy after concurrent systemic and intrathecal nucleoside analogue treatment for refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: A case report and review of the literature.

Alsdorf WH, Schmitz M, Schieferdecker A, Dierlamm J, Bokemeyer C, Binder M.

J Oncol Pharm Pract. 2015 Feb 4. pii: 1078155214562268. [Epub ahead of print]

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