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Whole-genome resequencing of honeybee drones to detect genomic selection in a population managed for royal jelly.

Wragg D, Marti-Marimon M, Basso B, Bidanel JP, Labarthe E, Bouchez O, Le Conte Y, Vignal A.

Sci Rep. 2016 Jun 3;6:27168. doi: 10.1038/srep27168.


Estimates of genetic parameters for content of boar taint compounds in adipose tissue of intact males at 160 and 220 days of age.

Rostellato R, Bonfatti V, Larzul C, Bidanel JP, Carnier P.

J Anim Sci. 2015 Sep;93(9):4267-76. doi: 10.2527/jas.2015-9252.


Genetic trends in maternal and neonatal behaviors and their association with perinatal survival in French Large White swine.

Canario L, Bidanel JP, Rydhmer L.

Front Genet. 2014 Dec 2;5:410. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00410. eCollection 2014.


A genome-wide association study of production traits in a commercial population of Large White pigs: evidence of haplotypes affecting meat quality.

Sanchez MP, Tribout T, Iannuccelli N, Bouffaud M, Servin B, Tenghe A, Dehais P, Muller N, Del Schneider MP, Mercat MJ, Rogel-Gaillard C, Milan D, Bidanel JP, Gilbert H.

Genet Sel Evol. 2014 Feb 14;46:12. doi: 10.1186/1297-9686-46-12.


Fine mapping of fatness QTL on porcine chromosome X and analyses of three positional candidate genes.

Ma J, Gilbert H, Iannuccelli N, Duan Y, Guo B, Huang W, Ma H, Riquet J, Bidanel JP, Huang L, Milan D.

BMC Genet. 2013 Jun 1;14:46. doi: 10.1186/1471-2156-14-46.


Secreted phosphoprotein 1 expression in endometrium and placental tissues of hyperprolific large white and meishan gilts.

Hernandez SC, Hogg CO, Billon Y, Sanchez MP, Bidanel JP, Haley CS, Archibald AL, Ashworth CJ.

Biol Reprod. 2013 May 16;88(5):120. doi: 10.1095/biolreprod.112.104679. Print 2013 May.


Towards candidate genes affecting body fatness at the SSC7 QTL by expression analyses.

Gondret F, Riquet J, Tacher S, Demars J, Sanchez MP, Billon Y, Robic A, Bidanel JP, Milan D.

J Anim Breed Genet. 2012 Aug;129(4):316-24. doi: 10.1111/j.1439-0388.2011.00965.x. Epub 2011 Sep 30.


Microsatellite mapping of quantitative trait loci affecting meat quality, stress hormones and production traits in Duroc × Large White F2 pigs.

Sanchez MP, Iannuccelli N, Basso B, Foury A, Billon Y, Gandemer G, Gilbert H, Mormède P, Bidanel JP, Larzul C, Riquet J, Milan D, Le Roy P.

Animal. 2011 Feb;5(2):167-74. doi: 10.1017/S1751731110001722.


Correlated responses in sow appetite, residual feed intake, body composition, and reproduction after divergent selection for residual feed intake in the growing pig.

Gilbert H, Bidanel JP, Billon Y, Lagant H, Guillouet P, Sellier P, Noblet J, Hermesch S.

J Anim Sci. 2012 Apr;90(4):1097-108. doi: 10.2527/jas.2011-4515. Epub 2011 Nov 18.


Bayesian meta-analysis of the effect of fasting, transport and lairage times on four attributes of pork meat quality.

Salmi B, Trefan L, Bünger L, Doeschl-Wilson A, Bidanel JP, Terlouw C, Larzul C.

Meat Sci. 2012 Mar;90(3):584-98. doi: 10.1016/j.meatsci.2011.09.021. Epub 2011 Oct 12.


Expression levels of 25 genes in liver and testis located in a QTL region for androstenone on SSC7q1.2.

Robic A, Fève K, Larzul C, Billon Y, van Son M, Liaubet L, Sarry J, Milan D, Grindflek E, Bidanel JP, Riquet J.

Anim Genet. 2011 Dec;42(6):662-5. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2052.2011.02195.x. Epub 2011 Apr 13.


Progeny-testing of full-sibs IBD in a SSC2 QTL region highlights epistatic interactions for fatness traits in pigs.

Tortereau F, Sanchez MP, Fève K, Gilbert H, Iannuccelli N, Billon Y, Milan D, Bidanel JP, Riquet J.

BMC Genet. 2011 Oct 27;12:92. doi: 10.1186/1471-2156-12-92.


Microsatellite mapping of quantitative trait loci affecting female reproductive tract characteristics in Meishan x Large White F(2) pigs.

Rosendo A, Iannuccelli N, Gilbert H, Riquet J, Billon Y, Amigues Y, Milan D, Bidanel JP.

J Anim Sci. 2012 Jan;90(1):37-44. doi: 10.2527/jas.2011-3989. Epub 2011 Sep 23.


Immunity traits in pigs: substantial genetic variation and limited covariation.

Flori L, Gao Y, Laloë D, Lemonnier G, Leplat JJ, Teillaud A, Cossalter AM, Laffitte J, Pinton P, de Vaureix C, Bouffaud M, Mercat MJ, Lefèvre F, Oswald IP, Bidanel JP, Rogel-Gaillard C.

PLoS One. 2011;6(7):e22717. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0022717. Epub 2011 Jul 29.


Deciphering the genetic control of innate and adaptive immune responses in pig: a combined genetic and genomic study.

Flori L, Gao Y, Oswald IP, Lefevre F, Bouffaud M, Mercat MJ, Bidanel JP, Rogel-Gaillard C.

BMC Proc. 2011 Jun 3;5 Suppl 4:S32. doi: 10.1186/1753-6561-5-S4-S32.


Number and mode of inheritance of QTL influencing backfat thickness on SSC2p in Sino-European pig pedigrees.

Tortereau F, Gilbert H, Heuven HC, Bidanel JP, Groenen MA, Riquet J.

Genet Sel Evol. 2011 Mar 6;43:11. doi: 10.1186/1297-9686-43-11.


A locally congenic backcross design in pig: a new regional fine QTL mapping approach miming congenic strains used in mouse.

Riquet J, Gilbert H, Servin B, Sanchez MP, Iannuccelli N, Billon Y, Bidanel JP, Milan D.

BMC Genet. 2011 Jan 14;12:6. doi: 10.1186/1471-2156-12-6.


Combining two Meishan F2 crosses improves the detection of QTL on pig chromosomes 2, 4 and 6.

Tortereau F, Gilbert H, Heuven HC, Bidanel JP, Groenen MA, Riquet J.

Genet Sel Evol. 2010 Nov 25;42:42. doi: 10.1186/1297-9686-42-42.


Detecting QTL for feed intake traits and other performance traits in growing pigs in a Piétrain-Large White backcross.

Gilbert H, Riquet J, Gruand J, Billon Y, Fève K, Sellier P, Noblet J, Bidanel JP.

Animal. 2010 Aug;4(8):1308-18. doi: 10.1017/S1751731110000339.


Estimation of genetic trends in French Large White pigs from 1977 to 1998 for growth and carcass traits using frozen semen.

Tribout T, Caritez JC, Gruand J, Bouffaud M, Guillouet P, Billon Y, Péry C, Laville E, Bidanel JP.

J Anim Sci. 2010 Sep;88(9):2856-67. doi: 10.2527/jas.2009-2356. Epub 2010 May 21.

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