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Evidence and consensus based guideline for the management of delirium, analgesia, and sedation in intensive care medicine. Revision 2015 (DAS-Guideline 2015) - short version.

DAS-Taskforce 2015, Baron R, Binder A, Biniek R, Braune S, Buerkle H, Dall P, Demirakca S, Eckardt R, Eggers V, Eichler I, Fietze I, Freys S, Fründ A, Garten L, Gohrbandt B, Harth I, Hartl W, Heppner HJ, Horter J, Huth R, Janssens U, Jungk C, Kaeuper KM, Kessler P, Kleinschmidt S, Kochanek M, Kumpf M, Meiser A, Mueller A, Orth M, Putensen C, Roth B, Schaefer M, Schaefers R, Schellongowski P, Schindler M, Schmitt R, Scholz J, Schroeder S, Schwarzmann G, Spies C, Stingele R, Tonner P, Trieschmann U, Tryba M, Wappler F, Waydhas C, Weiss B, Weisshaar G.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Nov 12;13:Doc19. eCollection 2015.


A novel nonparametric measure of explained variation for survival data with an easy graphical interpretation.

Weiß V, Schmidt M, Hellmich M.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Oct 29;13:Doc18. doi: 10.3205/000222. eCollection 2015.


Why do - or don't - patients with urinary tract infection participate in a clinical trial? A qualitative study in German family medicine.

Bleidorn J, Bucak S, Gágyor I, Hummers-Pradier E, Dierks ML.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Oct 14;13:Doc17. doi: 10.3205/000221. eCollection 2015.


Guillain-Barré syndrome: clinical profile and management.

Sudulagunta SR, Sodalagunta MB, Sepehrar M, Khorram H, Bangalore Raja SK, Kothandapani S, Noroozpour Z, Aheta Sham M, Prasad N, Sunny SP, Mohammed MD, Gangadharappa R, Nidsale Sudarshan R.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Sep 21;13:Doc16. doi: 10.3205/000220. eCollection 2015.


Evaluation in medical education: A topical review of target parameters, data collection tools and confounding factors.

Schiekirka S, Feufel MA, Herrmann-Lingen C, Raupach T.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Sep 16;13:Doc15. doi: 10.3205/000219. eCollection 2015. Review.


Use of a German longitudinal prescription database (LRx) in pharmacoepidemiology.

Richter H, Dombrowski S, Hamer H, Hadji P, Kostev K.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Aug 25;13:Doc14. doi: 10.3205/000218. eCollection 2015. Review.


Developing and piloting a multifactorial intervention to address participation and quality of life in nursing home residents with joint contractures (JointConImprove): study protocol.

Müller M, Bartoszek G, Beutner K, Klingshirn H, Saal S, Stephan AJ, Strobl R, Grill E, Meyer G.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jul 15;13:Doc13. doi: 10.3205/000217. eCollection 2015.


Increasing the risk competence of patients: an interdisciplinary task.

Schweim H.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jul 9;13:Doc12. doi: 10.3205/000216. eCollection 2015. No abstract available.


Evidence-based health information and risk competence.

Mühlhauser I, Albrecht M, Steckelberg A.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jul 9;13:Doc11. doi: 10.3205/000215. eCollection 2015.


Media influence on risk competence in self-medication and self-treatment.

Schweim H, Ullmann M.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jul 9;13:Doc10. doi: 10.3205/000214. eCollection 2015.


Risks, risk assessment and risk competence in toxicology.

Stahlmann R, Horvath A.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jul 9;13:Doc09. doi: 10.3205/000213. eCollection 2015.


Societal perspectives on risk awareness and risk competence.

Koller M, Hoffrage U.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jul 9;13:Doc08. doi: 10.3205/000212. eCollection 2015.


Chances and risks in medical risk communication.

Hoffrage U, Koller M.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jul 9;13:Doc07. doi: 10.3205/000211. eCollection 2015.


Self-criticism of physicians, patient participation and risk competence.

Wolffsohn M.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jul 9;13:Doc06. doi: 10.3205/000210. eCollection 2015.


Complementary and alternative drug therapy versus science-oriented medicine.

Anlauf M, Hein L, Hense HW, Köbberling J, Lasek R, Leidl R, Schöne-Seifert B.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jun 23;13:Doc05. doi: 10.3205/000209. eCollection 2015.


Prenatal recruitment of participants for a birth cohort study including cord blood collection: results of a feasibility study in Bremen, Germany.

Ernst SA, Günther K, Frambach T, Zeeb H.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Apr 14;13:Doc04. doi: 10.3205/000208. eCollection 2015.


Tracheal and bronchial involvement in colitis ulcerosa - a colo-bronchitic syndrome? A case report and some additional considerations.

von Wichert P, Barth P, von Wichert G.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Mar 30;13:Doc03. doi: 10.3205/000207. eCollection 2015. Review.


Risk of hypoglycaemia in type 2 diabetes patients under different insulin regimens: a primary care database analysis.

Kostev K, Dippel FW, Rathmann W.

Ger Med Sci. 2015 Jan 12;13:Doc01. doi: 10.3205/000205. eCollection 2015.

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