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First-principles calculations, experimental study, and thermodynamic modeling of the Al-co-cr system.

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Chemical Bonding and Atomic Structure in Y2O3:ZrO2-SrTiO3 Layered Heterostructures.

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Tuning oxygen vacancy photoluminescence in monoclinic Y2WO6 by selectively occupying yttrium sites using lanthanum.

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Ferromagnetism induced by entangled charge and orbital orderings in ferroelectric titanate perovskites.

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Itinerant Magnetism in Metallic CuFe2Ge2.

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Heterovalent Substitution to Enrich Electrical Conductivity in Cu2CdSn1-xGaxSe4 Series for High Thermoelectric Performances.

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Rich stoichiometries of stable Ca-Bi system: Structure prediction and superconductivity.

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Aqueous proton transfer across single-layer graphene.

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The best nanoparticle size distribution for minimum thermal conductivity.

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Coexistence of metallic and insulating-like states in graphene.

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Unexpected magnetic semiconductor behavior in zigzag phosphorene nanoribbons driven by half-filled one dimensional band.

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Sci Rep. 2015 Mar 6;5:8822. doi: 10.1038/srep08822.

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