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In vivo neurometabolic profiling in patients with spinocerebellar ataxia types 1, 2, 3, and 7.

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Subtle alterations in brain anatomy may change an individual's personality in chronic pain.

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Rescue of fragile X syndrome phenotypes in Fmr1 KO mice by a BKCa channel opener molecule.

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Investigation of Central Nervous System Dysfunction in Chronic Pelvic Pain Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Noninvasive Brain Stimulation.

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Various MRS application tools for Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment.

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Thalamic GABA predicts fine motor performance in manganese-exposed smelter workers.

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Assessment of changes in brain metabolites in Indian patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

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Treatment effects in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease: a magnetic resonance spectroscopy study after passive immunization.

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Animal models and high field imaging and spectroscopy.

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Profiling metabolite changes in the neuronal differentiation of human striatal neural stem cells using 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

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Metabolomics uncovers dietary omega-3 fatty acid-derived metabolites implicated in anti-nociceptive responses after experimental spinal cord injury.

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J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2013 Jun;8(3):576-93. doi: 10.1007/s11481-013-9460-x. Epub 2013 May 12. Review.

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